New to City

Hey all,

I am shilpi Indian working for an IT company... I am new to this city.. looking forward to meet nd talk to new ppl nd have fun loving friends... I am yet to explore the place.. excited too. Work keeps me very busy.. weekends like to hang out. Anyone to join...:)

Hey Shilpi,

Welcome to Malaysia...I know how you feel :P been in the same place as yours, 3 months back.

If you are based in cyberjaya, let me know, will arrange a meet up with all my friends :)


Oh that will be great to know you nd your friends... however iam klcc Menara 1. Nusentral mall.. not sure how far is this from cyberjaya.. :).. but yes would like to catch up for a coffee... :)  :D

Hey Shilpi,

That's a bit far from cyberjaya, around 45 mins travel, not sure if my friends will join :/

But let me check if I am free on weekend, I can probably meetup for a quick cup of coffee (your treat correct :P, just kidding ;) )

Will PM you by tomorrow :)


Hi Shilpi,

Welcome to Malaysia, i hope you have settled down by now. You can contact me if you need any information or companion. Which part of India are you from? I will be travelling to India next week, maybe can get some insight from you. Thx.

Hi there!!!

Iam still settling down and getting used to this place..thank you for offering me help.. I will do.. iam from hyderabad.. enjoy ur stay in India

Hope everything is well for u and getting used to the place


Its now falling in place. Wassup with u?

Hi Shilpi ..whats app me, we can hang out sometimes

Hi.... sure :).. will do tonight

Hi shilpi namaste i am from hyderabad , i am also trying to settel down in kuala lumpur,  i am comeing to kuala lumpur next week on visit visa to check it out how can i do business and live in kuala lumlpur.
Please help me out.

Hi There

We can meet up for tea if you are available tomorrow Saturday 28 Nov 2015 and which part of KL you know town city perhaps.


Hey i work at NU sentral can meet up for tea


Welcome to Malaysia. Hope you would have settled by now and made some friends.
Do let me know if I could help you in any way.

KLCC is not that far from my place.

Best of luck.


All the best, Shilpi didi.

Hi if you r free contact me ***

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Hi Shilpi

Welcome aboard. I  am Yousaf. Malaysia is quite a nice place to be. I am also in IT maybe we can meet up sometime.

Lol has anyone noticed that a male poster gets on average 0.25 responses but a single female loads....especially male.....

Hi Shilipi,

My work location is also nu sentral working in IT firm.

Let me know if you wish to connect, i have moved almost a month back and looking for new friends.


Hi Shilpi,

Welcome to Malaysia! I am also working in I.T. industry and been here for more than 3 years now.
Let me know if you need help on anything.

we should hang out sometime :)

Women power  :)  :)  Even two enemy countries people ( INDIA & PAKISTAN ) want to meet--- WOW

Good to see someone from the same city! Hope you made some friends. Do hit me up if you want to catchup!

Hi , I'm new to Kuala Lampur as well
This is my number xxx
We can meet this weekend
Call me or text me

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I am also new to KL and from Hyd. message me if you would like to catch up for coffee


so many persons wana meet u .. lucky u r :p

Hi..Interested let's meet. Email me. Thanks

shipps must have enough meeting till now---and may have chooses better one-   :D - should i suggest to stop more request ?? what you suggest shipps,, tired  or want more ??  :cool:  Even people do not read her name, instead of shipps, writing something else--women power---  i wish , i would have also long hairs like Shipps--- :dumbom:  no offense, please friends   take it  on lighter note---

Hi Good to hear you are in Malaysia


Hi..I'm looking for new people who would like to interact with that we can b good friends.

Hi, Now you must adjust in KL.I am from here there lots of people from Hyderabad in KL in fact I going to pass your city in 10 days time.
There lots things to do here, depends your interest.
keep in touch

Hi shilpi. i would like to let me know how we can get in contact. Ill be in kul in august

Hi Shilpi, Depending on the area you live, there are nice places to hangout over the weekend. especially in the city center. I have been living here for 4yrs now and it there has never been a dull moment. If you feel like hanging out, message me. Cheers

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