Work of any kind, Thessaloniki

I am a South African expat recently arrived to Thessaloniki (via Scotland) looking for any kind of work.

I have experience as a domestic cleaner as well as a personal cook, pet care, childcare, DIY and also university level qualifications in Chemistry/Biology/General Science which I am able to tutor.

My rates are very reasonable please get in touch if you have any work one off, short-term or long term to offer.

Thanks :)

You can also try giving English conversation classes.

Hello everyone,

@ Jaiden Kyra

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Thessaloniki section of the website so that you may actually find a job.

Best of luck,

Thanks all :)

Contact your Embassy , here in Thessaloniki.. they may have some job lists ...
Also.. the more people you meet, the easier it is to find work .. Here..
So why not contact also I.W.O.G... ( International Womens organisation of Greece) ...   they meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month ( except , summer... June, July , August ,) & in Septe,ber they usually meet .. at The American farm school.....
The rest of the yr they meet at .. Anaolila  Collage.. at Ingall Hall .... Pylia  , on the 2nd Wednesday of every month..

The  next gathering will be on the 6th December.. at Ingal Hall for their Christmas Bazaar..

Thank you so much for the info!

thank you all for what you already shared here, I am an aircraft engineer, I want to move to Europe so I can work there and continue my studies, I always felt something special towards Greece, so would you please help about moving there, finding a job?! I would work anything as a start , then I would go into my dream:)
thnk you

Hi,I see that you are an aircraft engineer,my husband and his friend who are Greek both studied engineering in Sussex UK some years back now,one on automobile and one on aircraft.The aircraft guy found work with Olympic but that stopped,he found somewhere else at Athens airport,that too fell through in this crisis and he left and found work somewhere in the UK on aircraft.Now that the German company Frapport is taking over many regional airports in Greece and revitalising them in the hope of increased tourism it may be that they will be taking on extra staff to work on planes,perhaps people who need to finish off their training and obtain more licenses.Even just changing aircraft tyres at the start would get you a foot in.There are specialist employment agencies that you could contact here for your field of work,good luck to you and dont give up.

Dear Concertina,

Thank you a lot for your kind reply, I really appreciate that, what you have informed me is so nice actually , just hope they would hire someone who is not living there already, do you have any information about those agencies?!

Thank you

Hi again Farhat,go on line[at] they offer aviation services and go to..Athens Aerosevices..Jobs[at],there are many and some say that there are no jobs at the moment but please send your CV should something come up.Of course you may look at many different countries and send your CV everywhere,look at Frapport job vacancies,send your CV to their main office in Germany or they may have one now in Greece as they are about to take over many,but I guess employers will take from a recruiting company which is where you should send your CV.Send hundreds,its the law of chance,someone somewhere will take you but they have to know you are out there.Make a great CV,fluff it up of course as everyone does,once you are in the interview theres hope.Just search all aircraft recruitment agencies,never mind if they have nothing,send it anyway.

Sweet Concertina :), you are right, your words are great, thank you a lot, I will look up and send my Cv,

Thank you

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