Broker for our Two Dogs

Hi Everyone,

Our two pups will be flying out from SA to MUR shortly and we need to get a broker to facilitate everything on this end.

Please would someone be so kind as to advise us on who they may have used in the past and any contact details.

Many thanks,

You may wish to contact Mr, Hurry on +23052568113.

Hello sadestar

Could you please recommend this professional in our business directory?

> Marine Broker in Mauritius


Thanks so much, I just got hold of him.

kenjee :

Hello sadestar

Could you please recommend this professional in our business directory?

> Marine Broker in Mauritius


I believe I have already added Mr Hurry Sunil under Pet Transport section previously :)

Is it necessary to have a broker?


If your bringing your pets into Mauritius I believe it is absolutely necessary to have a broker, he/she will deal with the paperwork on landing, speak to the vet that will examine your pets/microchips/paperwork etc and then deal with any possible issues that may arise.

He will check they are loaded onto the van that takes them to the quarantine.

We thought our paperwork was exactly as was needed and we had used a Company before we left to double check everything, but there was a small hiccup on the date on some of the paperwork, without the broker dealing with the Government vet then the outcome would have been very sad.

Can I suggest that you read the small print on the import paperwork and then make your decision.

Best wishes :)

Thanks for replying so fast.

We have already done all the necessaries in Mauritius in January. We have the import permit. We just need the health certificate and the 3 last steps (14 days, 96 hours and 48 hours). That's why I am a bit confused if I really need to pay 10 000 rupees x 2 just for the airport.

We are landing on Saturday at 4 in the morning. Do you think that there will be a vet there?

There will be a vet, he needs to check over your paperwork, you need his stamp to say they are OK and meet all the requirements to enter Mauritius.

We landed at 11am in the morning and had to wait in a import area building (The agent took us) for over an hour until the vet arrived, then we were there 1hr 20 mins with the vet and the agent until our dogs got clearance.

Why don't you ring Ministry of Agriculture, Quarantine Division and ask the lady there if you need an agent to facilitate smooth transition of your pets to the quarantine.

Good luck and please read the small print on your import papers.

I already called them at Reduit. They don't know themselves if I need one or not. I will have to call at the airport. This is what I found, "On the date of arrival, you or your representative should be present at the Airport, for customs formalities.  In case of absence of owner or representative (broker), the animal risks to be put back on the plane at owner's cost or put to sleep after one hour of landing.". Import form says," The cats will be permitted to land in Mauritius after they have been examined and found healthy by Principal Agricultural Officer (Vet Services) or his representatives. In case landing is not allowed, they will returned to the country of origin at the Importer's expense or otherwise put to sleep (euthanasia).

Btw, there is no lady anymore since half year. They did not get a replacement, the other workers are helping and doing her job as much as they can.

Thanks for your answer.

Wonder who the lady I saw last week was then? and there was also a very knowledgeable gentleman there as well, plus the young vet :)

Your quote in case landing is not allowed etc - this covers that all paperwork is correct not just if you or an agent are present.

You of course may be able to do it yourself, you just need to get to the airport warehouse where pets are offloaded too - do not keep the vet waiting.

I am at Reduit next week shipping a dog out, so will ask them then.

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer.

I thought you meant Mrs. Boodoo as her name is mentioned a lot here. I talked with a man all the time when I was in Mauritius and another one on the phone. I am sorry, I am a bit in stress as we are leaving in 5 weeks and busy with packing. Then I heard that I need a broker because direct fly are not available anymore and the space under passenger seat is too small for 14 hours flight. Today, I talked with Mr. Attoo (I think it was his name) and he told me that the cats have to do another blood test because it's only valid until 17th June and we are flying 1 week after. No one told us that the rabies blood test is valid only for 6 months 😞. We just knew that the import permit is valid until end July.

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Hello everyone.

Is there another broker to help with our pet? I find Mr.Hurry unprofessional and this is stressing me more than I am at the moment.

Thank you.

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