How much living cost minimum required in KL for 2 member family?

Hi All,
I'm right now in a negotiation phase with one company situated in KL. They're asking me to mention my expectation in MYR.

I  need the below information ASAP, kindly help me to response them. They're offering me the package in total.

1. How much cost for 2 person family accommodation?
2. Food cost monthly for 2 person?
3. Transport cost monthly for 1/2 person (maximum time)?
4. Income TAX percentage?

Thanks in advance.

Hi you dont mention experience, current salary or job type. Without these I always say

10k for single over 27. Plus 2k for wife. Plus 5k per child at school 1k pre school.

So two person meaning wife and one kid over 5 that is 17k gross per month.


Thanks for giving your estimate. Could you give me an idea how the breakdown looks like? What should allocation for rent, transportation, food, etc be like according to the figure you gave.


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