Setting up Archery Project in Yanbu

Hi All,

I am currently teaching English in Yanbu and wish to set up an Archery range in Yanbu Royal Commission. My staff and I are from the UK and are qualified Archery Instructors (male and female muslim). Please can someone advice me one the best way to go about setting something up.

Also, What are the laws on getting Archery equipment into the Kingdom.


I'm Egyptian who work in Yanbu, i'm glade to hellp u whenever u need help i have a car and i like in a room not big but still if i can do anything just tell me.
Have a good time

Jazakallahu khair.

I have not set it up yet but wish to find out how to. I need to find a contact in Royal Commisions social services. or the owner of a gym/ recreation centre.

Please do share the location and timing for English class . Few of my Saudi buddies , wanted to gain over English course in Yanbu. I could suggest them to come and check it out.

hi, did you pursue your archery services plan here in Yanbu? where is it located. thanks

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