Looking for French cuisine trained chef and bartender for French Bar

Hi all,
I'm looking for a french chef and a bartender for my French Wine Bar located at Nagoya. The chef will have a full state of the art open kitchen and complete control over the menu. I need this position urgently as I am rebranding my restaurant and need a chef latest before the end of this year. Cheers!

Hello there dinzey23

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I suggest you drop an advert in the proper section of the website so that you find the right candidate : Jobs in Nagoya

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My name is Ayush and currently I am living in Australia and I am from Nepal,, trained in European cuisine over 10 years specially French, Italian and Spanish.
I am looking to move to Japan as my ex wife is Japanese and I have a son who is Japanese. I have got my own Restaurant here in Australia called Ashwin's Café Restaurant. You can look it up in the Internet. I would like to apply for a work Visa and come work for you . My email address is xxxx

Please let me know of whatever you make the decision of as I will be applying few other venues as well.. I do not know how to speak Japanese but I am a quick learner and I am starting a Japanese class.

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Hi Ayush Shrestha,

Please note that this thread has been inactive for more than a year and that member dinzey23 hasn't been online for a while.

Could you tell us if you have any particular town in mind where you'd like to find a job?


Sarvesh team

Hi Sarvesh
I would like a job in Osaka as my son is in Osaka and would like to be closer to him..

Hi Ayush Shrestha,

Feel free to drop your CV in the Jobs in Osaka section to increase your chances of getting in touch with potential recruiters.

Best of luck.


Sarvesh team

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