Need a friend in Armenia

Hi, im a Indian girl I need a friend in Armenia.

Hi pavithaa,are you still in armania ,please do send me your whatsapp  number

Why should she send you, who doesn't know who or what you are, her phone number?

That will be very bad.

My advice is to tell a bit more about yourself so your social network will extend quickly as others might know you better and feel the nerve to connect with you.

Hi parimadonna  ,my message is for all living  around the world not only for her ,I found only one person looking for frieds on armaian blog so I just message her only , about me I  love travevelling ,I have visited dozens of countries ,this time i am planning to visit armania  ,without knowing the local language  of the country and without having local friends in that particular  country you can never teaste thr rich culture .

The message still the same: don't give your phone number to strangers.

All people arenot bad , some people are really good

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