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Hello all,

I am in Chiang Mai and want to go to a holistic doctor. I have had chronic sinus problems for years now and acid reflux. I would like to go to someone who can treat the problem. I want someone knowledgeable not someone who is going to rip me off. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.

With all dues respect, neither of those issues should be left to a "Holistic Doctor" as they both could be signs of more serious issues or lead to more serious issues if left untreated.

I have been to western doctors. They simply say, take antibiotics, take prilosec. They refuse to get to the root of the problem. That is how it is with American doctors.

If you like Natural medicine you can contact Saraphii Khua Mung Thai Traditional medicine. They use a very strongly natural medicine. Sometime is a good idea.

Mubgkala Chinese Medicine Clinic
Very reputable and I have had excellent care

Excellent, 25 years ago I studied many years Chinese Medicine. Sometime also I use the Meridian line for take care my custmer's problems.

Hi The Sinus problem I have no suggestions,
The acid reflux, firstly do not take the antacid tablets, all you are doing is making the problem worse and adding to the billions the manufacturers are ripping  off  people, (7 Billion last year)the cure is to get more acid in to your system,The antacid tablets deplete 140 to 300mg of bone calcium each time you consume them, they contain heavy metal(aluminium and are implicated in causeing alzheimers disease, forget the clever adds, its acid you need YES YOU HEARD CORRECT, you can do this with a teaspoon of lemon juice in the mornings or apple cider vinegar the cloudy type (organic) a teaspoon in a glass of water, just before a meal, nature dident put acid in our stomach so the drug cartels could make billions suppressing it. It works for me and other people I have mentioned it to,
If it still persists the you may need Hydrocloric acid capsules (Betaine) start with one after the first few bites of the meal, providing there is no burning,you can increase to 2  or 3 over the course of the meal,
its trial and error until you find your best dose for you, there is a lot of good reading on the internet in regards to stomach acid,it protects against hardening of the arteries,high colestorel high triglyercides high blood pressure, the list goes on and on, do the research and make informed decisions,
Hope it helps.

intensely unbalancing the immune system, we provoke a backlash even with products that might be of help. This your suffering I would evaluate it together with hospital doctors Thai medicine Khua Mung Saraphii to Chiang Mai, thank you for your message, Marco

A simple solution for acid reflex is Probiotic pills, try to get ones that are in the billions, for best results. Read about them, before you buy. Good Luck.

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