New in January 2016 - where to meet people?

Hi everyone,

I will be moving to RAK in January to teach at one of the international schools. Coming on my own to the city so a little nervous as normal but very excited to meet new people. I am 25 years old. I enjoying hanging out with friends, enjoying the beach and going out.
Who is new? What is is like? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
See you all soon.

There is nothing to be nervous, this country is one of the safest countries in the world. RAK is not a city, so the cost of living is low compared to the other places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Wish you best of luck and welcome to UAE. :)

Hi Donna!
I will be moving to RAK before the new year too!!! I'm also a teacher. I lived in the USA the past 9 years, but I grew up in Europe.
For the first few months I want to rent a room with a roommate, but haven't really found any decent rooms online. I'm starting to wonder if that's even a possibility. Any advice?
Exciting time, isn't it?

Hi Lisa,

Thats great! Where will you be teaching?
I have my accomodation supplied by the school so I am not sure about flats to rent but I think you best bet is to say in a hotel or BnB for a first few days and then look when you are there.
When are you arriving?
Im very excited. Sure we can meet up when we are there.


Hi Donna,
I'm definitely excited to start a new journey!
And happy to already make some friends before going.
My job starts Jan 5 and I'm thinking I'll leave for RAK before new year, with the hope to find some friends already before the semester starts!
I'll be working at the higher colleges of technology. You're lucky that you already know where you'll be living! It kind of makes me nervous. I'll be staying in a hotel for the first 2 weeks.
What subject do you teach?


Hi Donna,
Welcome to RAK, how is it going so far? I am living in Al Hamra village, its a nice but very quiet place. Have you found any interesting places to go to in RAK?

Hello there nice to meet you. M put up in Ras al khaimah. Looking for friends with whom can share and get along well. Hope you read my message and can then take it further. Awaiting your reply. Niaz.

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