Able to apply for 2 different visas concurrently

Hi Everyone, although this is our first post we have found the information in this forum very helpful, my wife and I are Canadian and currently living in Ecuador since September 2015. We are looking to apply for a visa to extend our stay, ideally until next August 2016.

Our original plan was to apply for the 12X tourist visa for 6 months, and then try to figure out how to extend this visa. Then last week we found information about the 12V student visa that would allow us to stay for a year, as long as we took courses recognized by the Ministry of Education. We thought about this option, especially as my wife would like to improve her Spanish, however we have to travel to Quito to arrange this and we only have a couple weeks left before our T3 90 days expires. As well, the amount of hours and expense for the classes required for a 12 month visa would be prohibitive compared to 6 months.

Our latest idea is to apply for the 12X tourist visa now to extend our stay, and then in February apply for the 12V student visa in Quito using a spanish school recognized by the Ministry of Education. With this process, we would be able to stay until next August.

We emailed our question to a lawyer who said that this is permissible, but we would prefer to process the applications ourselves to save the expense.

We have not been able to confirm this with any other sources that we have asked, so we wanted to know if anyone here has heard of a similar situation, and if we would be allowed to do this?

Sorry for the long question, just wanted to give enough information, let me know if i left anything out.

I agree with you the forum is fantastic!  I am new to Cuenca and not able to help with good info for you.  Please post your answers as I am sure Is information many of us will need.  Good luck & Thanks

An accredited non-profit organization could provide you with up to a one-year stay via non-immigrant visas as volunteers.

cccmedia in Quito

Just a follow up question about the visa applications, we have our marriage certificate from Canada, and it has been notarized.

However, we have heard conflicting information and opinions on what is required to be accepted as a dependant.

Is anyone able to provide a definitive answer on what is required? For example, do we need to translate the marriage license document into Spanish, and then have it apostilled? And if so, does this have to be done at the Canadian consulate in Quito? Or can it be notarized at any notaria in Ecuador?

We appreciate any information anyone with experience may be able to provide.

Hi Just reading over the above post and got to wondering if one could have "legalization' completed at Quito Canadian Embassy.?
Can anyone shed light on the subject ?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Canadian citizens should either hire an immigration attorney who is based in Ecuador or a visa facilitator .. or, at least, email such parties with basic queries.

Same goes for the questions that Lone Cowboy PM’d me with today.

cccmedia in Quito

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