Local Bank

Someone mentioned Atlanta Bank was one I could use locally once I'm in country. I've been trying to contact them but the #s are disconnected. Anyone have a good telephone # for them?

What other local banks are good for doing things like paying monthly bills and paying for local services / products.

I have MidFirst here in Arizona but, even if a transaction is done with US$ they still charge a 3% transaction fee for any transaction in a foreign country.

Can anyone recommend a good local bank? I want to get all required documents ready before I leave the US


We use Atlantic Bank. Used the BC, San Ignacio and Placencia branch numbers just last week and they work fine.

Thanks. Good to know they have a Placencia branch.

Bob, how's the move coming along? Have you left yet? Are you driving or flying and bringing only what you can?


The banks are terrible.. Plan on 8 minutes for every person in front of you. Avoid all days that end in Y..Try to get some tokens and stay at home, when the internet is working! LOL
First you should check their web site, Atlantic Bank

Going overseas will still cost you money.

Scotia Bank
Atlantic … ent=safari

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