looking foward to live and work in Vancouver

Hi all,
I'm looking for contact in Vancouver. I'm living in Belgium and I plan to emigrate to Canada and I'd like to live and work in Vancouver.
I'm 35 and I speak French and English and I'm impatient to discover the life in Canada.
Best regards,

Hello Fred and welcome on board

kindly note that your thread has been moved to the anglophone version of the Vancouver forum as you initially posted this on the francophone forum.

Feel free to ask questions if you have. You may also read the Living in Vancouver guide to gather some infos.

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Vancouverites People are byproduct british ... They start nearly every sentence with one of two phrases : „I’m so sorry“ or „Excuse me please“ ....They love pets a lot more than u and me...they do  things by the way  -do it yourself- in one word they are Anglo-saxons and  not latin like end wait and see...

Hi Kenjee, hope are doing well...
Actually i want to move to edmonton with my family but don't know how to proceed to be there.. can you tell me whether i can do so by applying for PR directly(online) or i need to consult a consultant...

Haydaro is right, by saying that manners are important to Vancouverites and that it can be difficult to form friendships outside of work, but they also embrace many cultures and are very tolerant, as a whole. There are racists, unfortunately, but they are the exception. The city is expensive, it is usually cheaper to rent than to buy and while French is spoken around town it is not widely spoken in businesses, and the people in general. You are just as likely to hear Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese etc. (You likely understand what my point is.)
It is a beautiful city with lots of outdoor activities, incredible restaurants for all budgets and cultural venues. Best of luck in relocating!

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