Area having most active Artists?

Hello everyone, in your opinion, which area has the most active artists? We are both painters and would like to live in a community with an emphasis on art. I know Corozal has a monthly art fair of some sort? Anything else come to mind. Thanks in advance! Gwen

Probably Ambergris would be your comfort zone.

Oh no!  Thanks! But not a fan of touristy places. I'm looking for quiet, off grid type places, but that has an active artsy community. Maybe it doesn't exist?  :/

Well, the one artist we had in Consejo was murdered. She was a nice person.  Home invasion sort of thing.  Only violent death in our communities of Consejo, Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside, and Smugglers Cove.  Death by machete. 
Maybe there are artsy enclaves in Dangriga, San Ignacio, Stan Creek, or Belmopan?.Possibly Corozal town?  They do have a culture center there.

Oh boy. That doesn't sound good. Are you saying that's the only violent death you've heard of there or that violent deaths are the only kind of deaths?  Did she not take precautions? Ie gate, dogs etc

I don't recall.  She was upstairs when attacked.  Her neighbors, doc and Betty tried to rescue, but it was too late.  Not solved.  Don't know what happened.  There are lot of rumors and conjecture, but I do not engage in that.  I prefer facts.

Well that's a shame.  Sounds like a scary way to die.

yes.  No other incidents since.  I think that was about 2 years ago.

Let me know what you find. I am also an artist. I will be living on Ambergris Caye in a few years.

Sounds like it was personal. I doubt it was because she was an artist. Just sayin.....

Me too. My husband and I are planning on moving there! We could start out own art community! :-)

LOL, how strange is that? I posted the artist question on someone's post about what kind of art scene is in Belize. No idea how my reply ended up on this string. , I am sure it is not because she was an artist :)

Well the strange thing about forums is the way a story  develops at the time, melts into the archives, then pops up much later slightly mashed up. The lady who was murdered was actually Stabbed with a kitchen knife from he own Kitchen. No machtete's involved. She was a well liked poster  and very  Helpfull on several Belize forums. Strange circumstances involved, Ex common Law Husband returned to states day before, She was about to move out of the area, second floor locked house, one footprint on outside of building, owned a dog but little noise from it, screaming heard but all perpetrators vanished by time house broken into by nieghbours. The man she lived with has been asked to return to help with police investigation but has refused to do so. but  he has  posted on the various forums and said only small items missing after attack. So no leads for Police to go on and that is the story. I do not think anyone has previously linked this ladies death to any art scenario, I only knew hwer on line, and did not know she was an artist per se.   I do know she was a respected business woman with business and  homes in Florida and Canada.I do hope I am correct and that there was not another murder in that same area around the same time that I am confusing it with.

If you're still wondering, Placencia has a pretty nice art scene. It's a bit touristy but nothing like San Pedro. My daughter (14) is an artist and loves going to the little galleries up there. She sells on Etsy, but she could probably sell up there if she was creating a whole bunch of work.

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