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Wife leaving Algeria Alone

I am a foreigner married to an Algerian man outside Algeria. He brought me to Algeria. Now I wish to leave Algeria alone. I need to know if I am free to leave the country ALONE. Or is there any kind of administrative restriction upon me that prohibit me to leave the Algerian land without my husband. Can somebody clarifies me on that specific point.

Hello Shenaz921

I do not think there will be any issues as long as you have your passport and return ticket.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to visit your country's consulate in Algeria.


Hello Shenaz921

Just get an airplane ticket, there is no law forbid women to travel alone.

Best regards

I am just asking if my husband might stop me from leaving alone

Hello Shenaz921

Yes you can travel and leave Algeria Alone,  if you have your passport and your fly ticket,  important that  your hasband  don't get information  that you want to leave don't trust any body  in the area 

Best wishes  and God  help you incha ALLAH

Hi Shenaz921,

You re totally free to leave the country on your own. Just make sure that you have your passport (with visa) and fly ticket (sam documents as those you've entered the country with). Restrictions on leaving the country might apply to children and not adults.

Good luck to you!


Shenaz921 :

I am just asking if my husband might stop me from leaving alone

It's not Saudi Arabia.

No he cannot stop you from moving alone

You can travel all alone

You dont need your husbands permission to leave! However if you have kids he can stop the kids leaving... in fact to take the kids out of algeria you need his permission.

I hope everything works out for you, sounds like you had a problem with him, marriage isnt easy at the best of times as well as living in a foreign country (takes trust and patience). If you need any further help or just some one to chat to i am here. :par:

bravo sister u r the only one WHO says somethıg  good out 
listen to  this sister out and try to listen to  her
inshalah  khir

and you sister personly i can t say any thing till i know why  wht the perpes of that u want to  leave algeria

Hello Ben HD :cheers:

This thread has been created last year. I think Shenaz921 situation must have been fixed by now.


It was only novemeber! I hope it has resolved!

I have helped a few woman with these sort of marital problems... some who are algerian and some married to algerians (or muslims men) they seem to think that if one man did it all the men from this group are the same... but it isnt as i have also had to help woman who run away from their english white non religious partners/husbands who have kidnapped their kids beaten them and abused them mentally!

It may have been nothing to do with the husband and everything to do with living conditions... i am english married to an algerian, i can tell you from experience that how slowly things can move is REALLY frustrating. It isnt always the husbands fault (if you have EVER had dealings with the algerian consulate in london you will understand!) I wanted to live in algeria and took my kids there but it was too much for me to live with my in-laws (though lovely people) it is the lack of independance, the lack of language (which opens up the problem of misunderstanding) as well as the problems with the mentality of the older generation (even arav woman will struggle with this) it is not a new thing! We are not the first or last to have a problem with this and is not something confined to muslims/ arabs but universal. And usually it is the poor husband stuck between the rock and a hard place! Being as empathetic and understanding is key as well as being open and communicating, this is sometimes hard if the (mother) in-law doesnt give them privacy or space to be a couple or respect the boundaries (normally because she sees the new wife as "stealing" time from her or love and affection).

The husband must be wise as the mother-in-law does tend to use tricks to make trouble (mine used to wait just before my husband was due to come after i had finished all the work, to take off her dress and start washing it, so that my husband would be angry with me that i didnt do it for her! Once i wised up to this (which all new wives are naive about) i was able to counter act though however i dont like the games and was stressful.

My husband is brilliant however marriage WILL have its ups and downs just like eeman it takes a lot of effort to keep it up and strong.

It does take time to do something and if you leap too quickly you may end up in trouble (i should take my own advice here) so i hope she was able to resolve it! I hope she made/ makes a decision she wont regret later on in life.

Thank you for sharing! ☺️👍

Leaving without your husband knowledge (permission) means you are running away from him.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback on this thread but it is an old one and the initial poster is no longer on the website so i am closing this thread.

All the best,

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