3 Year TRC (Temporary Residence Card) without work permit

I didn't when I arrived back from the ME in December.

Correct!  :)

thanks guys , so that means ,when you get a TRC ,you dont need to have a VEC or any sort of Visa sticker on the passport !!! , so you just show the TRC  along with the passport from any departure country to come back Vietnam

i was confused , because i been in 4 -5 countries ,where i had Temporary residency CARD ,ID , But there was a stamp in each country i was there !!

Well if your TRC is aligned with a VEC, of course you have a sticker in your passport.

Both VEC and TRC have your PP no. on them.

Technically, you should have transferred your VEC to your new PP first.
Then, apply for a TRC.
Here in Saigon  VEC and TRC are issued from two different immigration offices. (Refer to post #89 on this thread).

As said by other posters, when you have a TRC you don't need a visa.
At the airport just give your PP and TRC together to the immigration.

In case your VEC is still on your old PP, always keep it close at hand. They may want to see it.

Make sure your new PP no. is on your TRC.

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