I'm looking to buy a home in the marina de Caesarea area

Hello my name is Paul and I live and work in the uk... I'm looking to buy a home in the marina de Caesarea area, I would like to know if this is a good area to buy in.
I have been over looking on and off for the last 6 months. I think I have found the property I like, I have a spanish bank account and thing are looking good, can anyone recommend a money transfer company so I can move my money over ready for the big buy,,,,
Many Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

I'm a wannabe expat with Tenerife in mind and just started the journey of discovery. Have you looked at the TV programmes web site - " A Place in the sun "who have various links,including a money transfer company. The company have downloadable stuff and email you periodically with currency rate movements,etc. They followed up by phoning me and were patient when I clarified that I am not going to be able to proceed for some time to come. There are probably others,but I presumed the TV people would not associate with anyone not kosher.

Hi Paul,

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I would recommend Exchange4free  :top:
PM me if you would like more details on the transfer company?

You're in the EU and have a UK IBAN number, no?
Then you do not need a money transfer company. YOu just transfer (usually without any fee) to your Spabis account which should accept IBAN numbers.
Make sure it is done in Euros or Spanish banks will rob you blind for exchange rates.
Alternately, has a good service with low fees.
Make sure to keep your balances in Spain low and use your ATM card to with draw from your account in the UK.
This is usually a big cost saver since Spanish banks rob one blind in fees.

Hello Paul

We bought a home in Xativa Spain four months ago and used Smart currently exchange. They are part of the Barclays bank group so it was easy to purchase. But like you we have a joint Spanish bank account. Try and enjoy your purchase even though it is a bit of the unknown.

Yes I can! First Rate FX provide a fantastic service. They offer same day transfers, no fees to transfer your money and the exchange rates are excellent.

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