Just a casual desperate search for friends-for-life in HCM city

I'm a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl currently residing in Ho Chi Minh city for work reason.

I studied Accounting and Finance in the UK for 5 years and just came back to Vietnam recently. I'm experiencing a counter-cultural shock at the moment: I don't have family and many friends in HCM city, and I miss speaking English (not working conversation thou haha), and I miss the UK badly sometimes. So frankly, I'm a bit desperate for international friends who can speak English and can casually hang out and chill with me.

If you're a lonely expat in HCMC and is looking for local friends who can take you around and do activities together, you're welcome to befriend me :D.

Hey Racy,

I'm a Vietnamese girl from New Zealand. I'm also looking for people to hang out. I'll be in HCMC (as an expat) around December. Keep in touch ! :)

Hi I'm Charlie I'm half English,

I've been in HCMC for 7 months, if you wanna hang out just let me know :)

Hi Racy,

I am also in the same boat like you. I am 23, studied in Australia for 4 years and has been back to Vietnam for a year already, but I still experience reverse cultural shock. Many of my friends are not in HCM anymore, and I really miss living in an English-speaking country. Maybe in time, I will get use the live here, however I still miss Australia quite badly.

Having international friends would be nice so hit me up guys, I am a really chill dude who want to make some new friends here. :)

@Auckland123: Hi, welcome to Vietnam... soon :p. If you need any help prior to your arrival lemme know :D

@charliesmith: Hi there, nice to meet you. Let's grab some drink together sometimes :D

@davidphamle: haha I do understand what you have been through. You're welcome to talk to me

Hi pals. I m in,  i got home 3 months ago from Sweden. Miss international environment at school so bad. Wanna have international friend.  Nice to know all of you

Me and some people from the forum usually gathers for dinners and/or drinks. Those who are looking for friends are welcome to join. Next meeting is tomorrow night.

HI GoingMad,

That sounds great, what time and wherabout is the place?

Hey guys, I've just found this thread after looking online for friends in Ho Chi Minh city lol I've just arrived here today and I'm planning to stay for a while teaching English. I am English myself and like I say I was searching online for English speakers in a similar boat so if any of you want to hang out please get in touch. It looks like I might have missed this meet that GoingMad is on about but do let me know if there's going to be another one, I'd love to meet all of you.

I usually go jogging on Friday night at Phu Tho stadium. Every one is welcomed to join if you live nearby

GoingMad: I don't think I could join the dinner/drink tonite since I'm on a business trip in the North until Wed next week :(. Please let me know if there is any other coming hanging-outs next time. Thank you *like like*

Alexi: cool, look like we have many people who are on the same boat here in this forum haha. Do you go to gym other than jogging?

Iain Gale: welcome to Vietnam. its good to meet an English guy here. I would love to talk to you about England haha. Where do you live in England?

Hi. RACY. I ll let you know when I start do exercise at gym. As now I work abit far from home, get home really late, so just have some time to go jogging. Anyhow, coffee or dinner with all of ppl here would be super nice. I m looking forward seeing all u guys

Hi, my boyfriend and I moved to HCMC about a month ago from England. We're both English teachers and have found it hard to meet people because we work at public schools.

If anyone is organising a meet-up soon, let us know!

Any meetup this weekends folks? I am keen, and I am living in D7, you can always hit me up if you live near there ;)

Rachel: Thanks! I'm from St Albans, which is just North of London.

Everyone else (including Rachel): would everyone be up for going out for dinner sometime this week then?? Personally I am free every day apart from Saturday and I haven't started work yet, so any day/time is good for me, what about everyone else??

How about having dinner on Sunday 7:00, 8th Nov? Any suggestion for the place? I prefer D1 or 3 as I live in D 11, It is a bit far for me if the location is in D 7.

Hi guys, I'm Trang, I'm looking for friends in HCM, too. Love to make friends & speaking English. Can I join you guys? If you have decided where to meet, pls let me know. Welcome to talk  :D

I am free most of the time in the week after office hours. A dinner/meetup in D1 or D3 will be preferable for me and everyone else I suppose. I am down for Sunday night dinner, the 8th of November.

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone is interested in a roast dinner? It's almost mandatory on a Sunday for an English person ;].

Bread and Butter in D1 does a good one and it has a top floor that's usually quite empty so we could all have a good chat!

Great so the address is in bui vien stress right?.  So 7 - 7:30 I will be there. How can I recognize you guys?

Yeah, address is 40/24 Bui Bien - it's on an alleyway (the same as Chi's Cafe) just off the main road.
7:30 sounds good. We will sit upstairs: my boyfriend is tall and wears glasses, I have purpley/red hair.

See you later!

Hi Sarah,

I have something emergence came up, can't go tonight. I'll try to make it to the next one.

Sorry about that.


How many people think they could make it tonight or should we reschedule for one night this week? :)

No problem at all, I hope everything is okay!

Hey Sarah, I think I can not make it today, I am still on the way to get into the city center. My home town is in cu chi. Abit traffic jam, I hope I can make it. Just don't wait for me when the time comes. Wish you a great dinner. We will meet soon for sure if I can not make it today.

Missed all these messages otherwise I would be there tonight :( did this go ahead in the end? And are people up for dinner on a different day this week? Wednesday maybe?

Hey guys, I'm glad that I had many responses and that you guys are so keen on meeting each over. Unfortunately, I'm still in the North now until this Wed. May I suggest this Sunday/Saturday evening?

I'm Nhung and would like to join either. I'm free on the evening except for at weekend. Please let me know if these is any hang-out. Hope to see you soon

I am up for dinner any evening and in the weekends. I wasn't able to make it to the dinner yesterday /sigh

That sounds cool. Pls fix time and date. I think we have to had our first meeting first :)

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I recently, some three months ago moved to Vietnam from Australia and recently married a beautiful young English speaking Vietnamese girl, but know the feeling, some times you just crave some English Chit Chat and a cold beer to talk crap and unwind.

My Wife Cam is also a great conversationalist and sensational girl, if this suits, then contact us, you can never have too many friends.

By the way, both of us work within the food industry here in HCMC ad live in District 3!

mail me , ****

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Hey Guys,
My name is Barak, 28 from Israel and living in HCMC for the past year
Would love to make some expats friend so feel free to contact me and we can hang

hi! this is Steve, it would be great to meet you. i am not English, I am an American.
my number: ****

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I will like to hang out, message me I'm in district 7

I live in district 7 so message me when u r nearby, Tracey

I am nearby, where are you staying? Wanna join me on any lady night?

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