hi everyone, I want to do my internship in NY and I want to know about housing. If someone could share his experience, it will be nice. thanks^^

Hi Mirella 974,

What would you like to know about housing please?


Priscilla :)

Hum. Rent !! And how to find a good housing.
Thanks or are about the easiest to search through. That will let you check out rent prices for specific areas.

You can't just search New York you need to search specific cities as prices will be driven by the demand in that particular area. No matter what New York City will be insanely high.

First of all, before you start looking for a rental, you need to get financially prepared and know the costs and fees involved in renting. Then establish your criteria for your rental property, what type of property you want to rent and in which neighborhood. I suppose, it will be a room in your case.
After that you can start searching for vacancy. Check out local newspapers as well as online platforms. @stressedmom named good sites. And I would like to add Rentberry, Zillow and Craigslist.

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