Tennis anyone?

I'm a pilot flying the newly formed emergency air ambulance helicopter for Saudi Red Crescent and love to play tennis but can't find a court not even from the air !!

I've heard of some courts in the compounds but don't even know where to start looking for the compound.

Does anyone here live in one of these compounds or know of anywhere to go play some tennis? This week will be particularly boring because only Muslim pilots are flying and every helicopter is in Meccah.

Go to Al Bilad Hotel or Sheraton Hotel, it's along Corniche Road... all hardcourt, exclusive for men.  But women are allowed to watch :-) You may also go to JIS...Jeddah International School. 

As to compounds... you may go to the American Compound.  I actually don't know where it is exactly located, but it's somewhere past the airport.  They also have tennis courts in Sharbatly Compound.  Erfan Hospital Compound in Quraish also has a good hardcourt but unfortunately, its exclusive to women... and men who are granted entry permit by hospital authority.

Goodluck! :-)

Thanks Miss SA. Good places to start looking. I'm sure working for the SRCA I can find someone in the hospital that will give me permission. I thought the compounds were not regulated like outside where men and woman do everything separately?

Anyone else know where these compounds are located? I live permanently with other pilots, medics and engineers in a hotel in the Al Salam area but there's no tennis court here, only gym and pool.

Well, not all compounds, I guess... ;-) Goodluck! But I strongly recommend Al Bilad...

texas pilot,
did you ever manage to get that game of tennis?
i am considering a move to jeddadh and also like playing regular tennis?
do you know if there are any tennis clubs?

AL Bilad, we do go there from time to time, i Work with Bupa Insurance, let me know if i could help with Erfan Hospital

Hey guys,
I am into tennis and I need company to play tennis with in Jeddah.
Im a female

Damn, now that they transferred me to fly at a new base in Riyadh everybody plays tennis in Jeddah!! LOL. Well if anyone is in Riyadh I'm available.

I still haven't gone but I'm US Air Force retired and heard there are tennis courts at the US military base here in Riyadh. I'm planning on checking it out tomorrow because I just flew in from Abu Dhabi.

It's nice to that intrest in Jeddah for playing tennis !! well i just came from US cause I study there but i live in Makkah and I'll be almost available for any tennis game in Jeddah or Makkah

I am a woman and I played tennis at the Sheraton Hotel with my husband. The tennis courts are about a 15 minute walk from the actual hotel. I played in a  tennis outfit no problem as the courts cannot be seen from the road and the court has netting around it. It costs about 100 R  but there are no shower facilities for afterwards.

My Name is Maher Tabbaa, I work as a COO in an international software company and I stay in Nojood comound in Andalus Jeddah 3 days a week and looking for tennis partner, knowing I did not plan for around 6 years since I had a ligament problem and I am willing to go back to tennis again, I have a court in the compound, it is not bad at all.


Maher Tabbaa

hello people, im new here in Jeddah.. im a male and have a wife.. is there any other places to play tennis with my wife here in Jeddah? i live near ballediyah. thanks in advance

You can join the american business group ABG who hold a tennis tourney against the BBG British business group. I am American but play for BBG cause I know people in that group since I work at a British school, BISJ.

Man : 37 mid-level player living near jeddah and wanna practice ! anyone ready at week ends ?

Would be awesome if we can play tennis and hang out :)

hey guys.. i recently moved in Jeddah.. I am from Greece (27 years old) and used to play tennis when I was younger.. I played again a few times a couple of months ago but i definately need a lot of practice. anyone interested around Jeddah??

expatgr :

hey guys.. i recently moved in Jeddah.. I am from Greece (27 years old) and used to play tennis when I was younger.. I played again a few times a couple of months ago but i definately need a lot of practice. anyone interested around Jeddah??

Hi expatgr, welcome to Jeddah. And sure I would be interested to play. I live in Jeddah and would be happy to practice. Also i would like to learn things from you about greece. PM me your details if you are up for it.

Coming to Jeddah from June 22nd for a week and wanna play tennis, will visit Jeddah o a regular too staying in hotels. Lemme know.


Hey guys, I come here in jeddah for a long living. I played tennis since 9 year ago with a level 3.0 .I'm looking forward to a tennis partner here.

Hi all, I'm living in Riyadh on Olaya Street, am a keen tennis player and would love to play after work and at the weekends. I live near the Sheraton Hotel on King Fahd Road which has tennis courts.

Hello all, I would like to have a tennis partner in Jeddah. I can play over weekend and two day during the week as well.
I'm at beginner level but plays well with mid levels. If any one interested please do email me or PM.


I will be in JEDDAH on April 27-29 on flight duty & staying at Le Meridien Hotel. I would like to have a good tennis game @ a Good tennis court in Jeddah. Any advice??? Or any Tennis players interested for a game?

Where do EXPATS or Pilots hangout in Jeddah???

hi Coast,
did you find tennis partner yet? i play level 2.5 and i just got back from Texas, i am female,  looking for tennis courts here in Jeddah & a partner to play with:-)

how can I join a tennis league here in Jeddah?? i am 30 y.o. female

hi... i am looking for a tennis court AND a tennis buddy. We're both females. Do you have any idea where we could play here in Jeddah??

What is your level of play?? I lived in Manitoba for 3 years btw

you can come to my hotel riyadh marriott to play with me at the tennis court how about your playing level?
I'm a long stay guest here so i can get the discount for it.

Hello! Any one can help me where to find tennis cort in jeddah?I'm a beginner and I realy want to learn and how to play tennis.I'm a female nurse and working in hospital  in King fahad Abdullatif Plaza..tnx hope to receive an answer from you guys it will be a big help to me.tnx

Hi Guys,

I'm a Tennis player just moved to Jeddah
If anybody is interested to play
I have membership in AlBilad Hotel



I'm a tennis and Squash player/trainer
I can coach you if you have a court
Women are only allowed to play in Compounds

hey ,, my name is Ragheb,, Iam interesting in tennis as well ,, im not that good in tennis but i have the basics ,, so give me a call if u r welling to play with me hereunder ull find my contacts.




hello are you a female?can u teach tennis?how much fee for the training?im new in jeddah>thanks

hello can i join you to play tennis?i really want to learn how to play  want tennis.tnx


I'm male
I Charge 100 SR/hour  (plus court fees if applicable)

Best Regards,

Hi! Mr Maher Tabbaa.. Im Aristotle a filipino citizen working as a nurse. Im a tennis lover too but my problem is me and my friend is looking for a tennis court. Sometimes we can play if you are free. Can you allow us to play in your compound at Nojoud. We are just staying near at your place here in Al hamra. Thank you in advance.

I can play at AlBilad Hotel
Courts are 40 SR/hour

Hi Jem

I live very near to red sea mall
I can play any day after 6
or Fri Sat any time


hello Amro,
I would like to join you in one of these tennis games ... i used to play tennis for some years and looking forword to go back again to play ....... please advice when u will be available ... thanks,


Dear Jem, Amro and Hassan

I like playing tennis and would like to join if you dont mind. Let me know what time u guys start to play. I can play evenings after 6pm.

Best regards

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