Bars and clubs in Ha Noi

Hi all,

Anyone know where to go on Friday/Saturday night in Hanoi?
I heard there aren't many good clubs/bars that play good music in Hanoi but if you have any recommendation please share :)
Also does anyone know any bars or cafes playing jazz music??

Thanks :)

I've never been in a bar that plays Jazz but there is a place named Bar [+84] on Ngo Van So street. I dont remember the exact address but that is a nice place with 1st floor is much more like "a Bar" with live music and 2nd floor is space for coffee time. U should try this sometime.

Hi, u can go to Tahien street, have alot of bar over there
If u don't mind, call to me: xxx

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i need to know this information as well! plan on making a trip to hanoi

You can go to some "Bar" in Hanoi such as: Press Club, Bar De Javu, Summit Lounge... I think it some good bar for foreigner!

You can try Dragonfly or Hair of the dog 🐶 which are located in the old quarter.


I usually go to 1900s at Ta Hien street. Hope to see you there!  :)

I am looking for an inexpensive hangout preferably of the type of say old RAymonds Fast Foods in Manila or say of more modern times like
Golden Sorya mall in Phnom Penh with friendly English speaking expats and even tourists. DO NOT require local prostitutes but if they are there then so be it. Though meeting and talking to an actual non-prostitute female would be quite a novel experience.

Mainly looking for a maximum density of foreign English speaking expats and tourists. So in general where is the center of things and max density of mainly English speaking foreigners in the city. Is it better in SAigon or Hanoi. Also of course an area nice and flat - minimum of hills and inclines would be preferred.

phoebenguyen188 :

I usually go to 1900s at Ta Hien street. Hope to see you there!  :)

First is that really your cat ? It is so nice. Would like to get cats again myself but the travel plans make it impractical. Can't travel with a cat as it will run away and/or certainly NOT be happy !
So how would you compare the density of Hanoi English speaking expats/tourists to that of Saigon?

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