I'm Uni student in Japan! Here to make some friends

Nice to meet you guys!
My name is Ryowa. I'm from Japan🇯🇵

Currently I live in Kyoto where it has really lots of great places for the sightseeing like temples, shrines, and traditional Japanese cultural things....and so on.

Currently I'm an Uni student in Kyoto. My major is English and communication. So it would be wonderful if I could have any friends from overseas in this forum😊😊

I've lived in Australia for a while so I think I have no problem to talk with you guys both in Japanese and in English!My hobbies are to communicate with others,playing sports especially baseball, and Study or
reading books,also Karaoke which is place for singing😊

Finally, I hope I could make friend with you. I really woud love to communicate with people from overseas and know different background or cultures in the world!

Thanks for reading this
Cheers,  Ryowa

hi welcome i'd like to be your friend

Thanks for your comment!
Nice to me meet you

HI Ryowa,

My name is Denise and I'm from Melbourne, Australia.  When did you live in Australia and for how long?

I have a business that I am expanding into Japan and I am looking for Japanese people with good English and that I can communicate clearly with.  Would you be open to having a look at a new ground-floor business that you could work in and around your studies?

I can be contacted via this forum if you are interested and we can arrange a time where I can explain things further over the phone.


Hi Denise.

I was studying at Deakin in Melbourne for a year.
I think my English is much better than other Japanese students.

Currently I'm doing job hunting but what is your new business in Japan?



Hi ryowa

Allow me to introduce my self, my name is zaido, i'am come from Indonesia.
Nice to know you, I really love Japan and the Japanese cultures.

I want to learn Japanese language also and much more Art's and culture.

I was in kyoto just recently. While cycling in finding my way to arashiyama (I hope i spell it right) I cycled passed the Kyoto University. Was that your university?

Kyoto is a very beautiful place. Seriously I have fallen in love with Japan. I adore the politeness and kindness of the local. I only got to spend few days in kyoto before had to head back to Osaka to catch my flight. I will visit Japan again someday, there are still many places in Japan I am excited to explore.

If you are planning for a vacation in Kuala Lumpur just give me a message, if I am around I am more than happier to show you around the city. Or i will just give away a few tips and stories to share.

Arigato gozaismaste.

Ditto! You can add me :)

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