How to start as an english tutor

Hi my wifes(Chinese)  friends have asked me to help them with their english , with things like the grammer and the pronunciation , a tutor as you would say . how would you begin with this ?? please could anyone give me some tips ..PS I am not a teacher
Thank you

Tough one.
Basic vowel pronunciation
Basic sounds such as "Th" (Voiced and silent) with the tongue sticking out, and "Sh" as in - It, this is harder than I thought..


Find online grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary tools and activities, or purchase them.

I used to teach English years ago while living in Vietnam. I understand where you're coming from. I taught structure formal way of teaching English. It does not work as they are not preparing to take exams or required to write papers. What I found best is to just throw everyday conversational words at them and repeat the same words every lesson basic things like "Hi" to "Hello" and "Where you going?", when you make the sentence like "Where are you going?", its not easy for them as there is no "are" in to translate from the Chinese language, hope this helps. I am in Huizhou as well.

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