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Hi all i currently live and work in Panama. Ive been living here for 2 and a half years. I have my papers in order as well as a valid licence and a car. I currently am a regional manager or a cell phone company with 10 locations. I manage almost all of them. Im always looking for new opportunitys preferably in administration or in management. I speak 4 languages (English French Greek and Spanish. ) Im fluent in all of them but only intermidiate in spanish. I can also provide a c.v if needed. Thanks in advance.

Hi pgiamos,

I invite you to have a look at the articles here : … _work.html , it might help you.

You can also drop your job ad in the jobs section here :

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Priscilla :)

Hi.. I'm from Philippines, and I have plan to transfer to Panama. Can you help me to find a job there? Thanks.

No jobs in panama. Do not think you will come here and find good work. There are too many colombians and venezuelans and other nations coming to work here but there are not enough jobs. I see so many of them returning back to their countries.
You must be very high qualified at least some kind of refrigeration, mechanic or electrical engineer or some financial / investment / real estate agent to make it and competition is high.

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