Steps to Get Birth Certificate, NICOP, Passport and Iqama in KSA

Based on my recent experiences I have compiled the steps to obtain Birth Certificate, NICOP, Passport and Iqama for Infants in KSA .I wanted to share it  for my dear Pakistanis as complete information is not available on the internet to guide in a way so as to get all process done without any hassle

1) After the birth of baby get Birth Statement/Tableegh Wilaadah from your hospital. Make sure all spellings, dates and iqama numbers are correct on Birth Statement issued.

2) Then get it stamped from General Directorate of Health Affairs and after it proceed to Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs office to get birth certificate. Ensure you have baby's parents original iqamas ,passports along with photocopies. Remember before going to Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs get booked an appointment through internet.

3) Birth Statement/Tableegh Wilaadah from your hospital will not be returned by Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs once they issue the birth certificate.Before leaving Ahwaal Madani/Civil Affairs office ensure that you have got it stamped and signed from Manager/Mudeer of Civil Affairs.

4) Then proceed to Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and see MOFA section to get a stamp affixed with signatures for SR 30.

5) After it get the birth certificate translated into English from authorized translator in your city for SR 50.
In all steps from 1-5, there is no need to take baby/mother with you, only father can manage above documentation .Babys presence is needed only when applying for NICOP and MRP as on spot pictures are to be captured for both documents. For iqama issuance also no need to take the baby/mother with you.

6) Now proceed for NICOP, for this must have to visit Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy .For NICOP get the English Translation attested from Embassy/Consulate (In my case it was from Vice Consular). Now staple your photo copies of Birth Certificate in Arabic, English Translation, Passport of Parents ,Iqama  and CNICs of parents. You must retain the token issued by NADRA to get your babys NICOP and can track the status through helpline mentioned on the slip. For infants /children below 15 years NICOP, no need for finger prints signatures/thumb impression. Charges for NICOP Executive category costs SR 132.

7) For passport, you have two options either manual or the digital one .Manual passport is only issued from Riyadh Embassy and not from Jeddah Consulate with charges of SR 230. This passport can be issued the same day when you apply for NICOP and for this along with passport application form you need to give babys passport size pictures with white/blue background. Also provide photo copies of NICOP Slip, Birth Certificate in Arabic, Birth Certificate English Translation, Passport of Parents , Iqama and CNICs of parents. Manual passports get ready after 3 :00PM the same day when you apply for NICOP and Manual Passport. Validity of Manual Passport is upto 31st Dec 2016.But this passport can be used for one time travel that is to exit from KSA. But when you go to Pakistan obtain the MRP and do not get the manual one cancelled. For entry in KSA keep both passports with you. Manual Passports are recommended in cases like if there are Eid holidays approaching close or any event you want to participate in PAK.

8) On the other hand for Digital passports/Machine Readable Passports from Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy you have to wait till the NICOP gets done OR you can apply if you get to know the babys citizen number issued that can be checked through NADRAs helpline after a week since you applied for NICOP.

9) Iqama can be issued both on manual and digital passports, also you can acquire exit re entry document on both types of passports. For iqama issuance you can visit Jawazat/Passport office on your own and get iqama issuance form filled from agents sitting outside the building and provide with it the copies of babys vaccination card, parents passport with visa pages, parents iqamas, babys passport and birth certificate. Also take with you two passport size pictures of baby as the same will be scanned for babys iqama.

10) The officer there will write narration on passport stating the babys birth in KSA and request for iqama. After it another officer will write a border number on babys passport. Then go to the person who is printing iqamas and will see your babys passport and scan picture before finalizing iqama .

Note: For NICOP, the executive category takes 20 days and MRP takes 25 days approximately. Before proceeding for NICOP and MRP please make sure you get an online/phone appointment to avoid the hassle of waiting for hours or days even.

Aramex /UPS Courier service at Jeddah Consulate/Riyadh Embassy can be used to get your NICOP /Passport delivered at your home within Jeddah/Riyadh for SR 30 and outside Jeddah/Riyadh within KSA for SR 35.
NICOP: National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis
MRP: Machine Readable Passport
NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority
MOFA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I need to ask that after one is in possession of NICOP/ citizenship number, Is it possible to apply for the manual and machine readable passport simultaneously?
As maual passport is prepared in one day and acceptable by jawazat (till dec 2016) for iqama preparation, while other takes much time. I need iqama of newborn as early as possible for various entitlement reasons.

I have no idea either manual and digital passports can be applied simultaneously OR not.

Let's say if you are allowed to apply both passports and you get the manual one from Riyadh Embassy ,likewise after it you get iqama the next day and fly in a week to Pakistan. But on your return to KSA you must have a digital passport to exit Pakistan.For this you need your digital passport to be delivered in Pakistan (that will be a problem indeed)before leaving for KSA.

In this scenario,you apply only for manual passport at Riyadh Embassy and get the iqama,exit re entry,ticket etc.After your arrival in PAK the next day along with baby's and parents NICOP , parents digital and baby's manual passport can apply for digital passport of infant.

In my case,for normal digital passport paid Rs 3000 was got it printed after 14 days from Islamabad and I guess the urgent one may take7/8 days with fees Rs 5000.

Remember , not to get the manual passport cancelled from Pakistan as the same manual passport will be required to enter KSA and also on exit re entry manual passport number is printed.Keep both digital and manual passports with you as need digital to leave PAK and manual one to enter KSA.

Once you are back to KSA can get the information transferred/naqal maloomaat from manual to digital passport.

Note:No need for infant's health insurance when you apply iqama the first time

Absolutly right. I get it now. Thanks a lot.

Most Welcome and pleasures are mine!

This is the most helpful guide on this topic on the internet. Thank you so much Umer Bhai. Can you tell me where the General Directorate of Health Affairs office is and will they stamp the Birth Notificatoin (Tableegh Al-Wiladah) directly or they need something else before they do that.

Also are both Original Iqama "AND" Original Passport required. Some companies HR officers are quite un-cooperative in giving the Passport without taking back the Iqama.

Please note that this post is almost a year old and there are several changes in the process.

Step#2 is not needed. Hospitals now issue Khitaab Wiladah from ministry website.

If you live in Riyadh, #4 has to be done from MoFA office. I don't know about Jeddah. An advanced SADAD payment of 30SAR has to be done online before visiting. They don't accept cash anymore.

#9: You have to get Jawazat appointment from your Absher account now.

#10 is obsolote. Visit the electronic services section in Jawazat.

Thank you TheLegendLeads, any idea about whether Passport Copy will work or do I need original passport at all costs?

No, the original is necessary.

I understand your concern. But, your company must not keep your passport with them. It's something that can be complaint against. That'e beside the point anyways.

Agreed. I'll get the passport from them before visiting. I have also noticed from people sharing their experiences online that there is no way around going to the Ahwal office of the same city where the child was born. I was planning on going to Kharj as  the appointment is available even for the next day but people are saying online that they will not issue a birth certificate if the Hospital is from a different city.

In my case the birth place of my baby is Riyadh and I need to go to the Nassreyah Ahwal office and there is no appointment available before 28th November and my annual leave happens to be on 6th December and my wife and child need to travel with me.

I guess I will just take whatever appointment is available and go there to plead my case as 27th November is wayyyyy past 30 days from the birth date of the child and they themselves have a rule that the birth certificate needs to be taken within 30 days from the date of birth.

Yes, right. The incident (birth) place must be in the 50km radius of the Ahwal you are visiting. You can't go to Kharj for this.

But, one thing in your post in inaccurate. The birth certificate can be issued even after months. Their rule is: 30 days past? Pay 50 SAR penalty. Because of usual appointments nonavailability, almost everyone pays 50SAR.

If someone has to travel soon, there is exception available in both places (Ahwal and Jawazat). Just print your ticket (copy), get it stamped from your company and visit them any day.

Your best bet would be:
1- Get the ticket thing done what I told above and visit them soon.
2- Explain to them that passport, national ID card will take long time in your embassy.
3- Book Jawazat appointment ASAP. It's very hard to get it just like the Ahwal one.

OK. I am at the stage now that I have my kids NICOP ready and In sha'a Allah tomorrow I am going to the embassy to apply for her Passport. I plan to get a Manual passport as my flights are booked for 6th December and there isn't enough time to reliably get the MRP (Machine Readable Passport).

What worries me is the OPs statement that MRPs are valid until 31 December 2016 only. The remaining procedure is clear:

a. Get Manual Passport
b. Create Iqama on Manual Passport
c. Issue Exit-Reentry on Manual Passport
d. Go to Pakistan and apply for/get Machine Readable Passport and DO NOT get Manual Passport cancelled.
e. Take both new MRP and Manual Passport to the Airport and bring our baby back to Saudi Arabia.
d. Get Manual Passport cancelled and do "Naqal Maloomaat" (information transfer) to the new MRP on the Iqama.

My wife returns on February 04, 2017 with our kid. Hopefully the Manual Passport has 3-6 months validity and not just to 31 December 2016 like the OP suggested. I'll find out tomorrow and update here.

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