Health insurance

Just going through the list of stuff we may need and wondered what the best way to get health insurance. From the uk or in Bulgaria


You can trasfer your UK NHS to bulgaria AND have private insurance. if you are not strapped for cash i would have both


Would it be best to get the private health insurance in the uk before we come or buy a Bulgarian health insurance?



Hi,,You can use your EHIC card in BG & if needed & get cheaper Private cover  in BG

I've been doing some investigating and I've discovered that, although we can get health cover in Bulgaria using the European Health Insurance Card and eventually signing up to the Bulgarian Health Care System, the care that is available can be a bit on the basic side.

So I was thinking about paying a bit and having international health insurance. The cost of this varies from a bit expensive to extremely expensive which in itself caused my blood pressure readings to soar.

Has anybody else got any experience of such insurance schemes or any comments to make on them?


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