Moving to Jeddah this Summer need to meet new people


I am a Muslim American and I will be moving to Jeddah next summer with my 2year old. It will be me, my husband and my baby inshaAllah ta aala. I don't know anyone there and I would like to make friends inshaAllah. I have been studying Arabic daily and hope to be conversational by the time I get there.
If you are a Muslim women with children, kind, and open to making new friends, please contact me. I'd love to get to know you inshaAllah.


Preparing for next summer from now on, you really wanna be prepared.

You can meet up with local Jeddah ladies on the forum, they have their "meet ups", do you know where you will be staying ?

hamudi :


Preparing for next summer from now on, you really wanna be prepared.

You can meet up with local Jeddah ladies on the forum, they have their "meet ups", do you know where you will be staying ?


Double Inshallah Garfy :D


MashaAllah time really flies by. June will be here before we realize inshaAllah. I want to make friends now and establish relationships before I even get there.
So far all I know is that my husband will get a place in Jeddah. So not really sure where in Jeddah. I would like to find a place to bring my son to socialize and interact inshaAllah. I will try and find employment once I move there also. But I would really like to benefit mostly from learning Islam and Arabic, even on a daily basis inshaAllah. Islamic schools for women? Arabic tutors?

Try contacting the Jeddah Cultural Center about Arabic language studies. I know they offer classes periodically, not sure how far in advance they have the classes planned though.

Also for kids activities look into the Jeddah for Kids blog....many activities have been reviewed & include current prices and phone numbers.

As for friends do you have any idea as to where you will live within Jeddah? Compound or apartment? That will play into your socialization as well.

Thank you so much for this. We will live in an apartment not a compound. I understand that Saudi can be a lovely place if you don't have friends. So I was hoping to make acquaintances before then inshaAllah.

Hi there.

My name is gada.  Am Saudi but have lived in the states for 13 years.  I live in Jeddah.  My email is ***.   Let me know if I can help in anyway.

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Shukran Habiba! I will add you inshaAllah. Currently I am studying Arabic and I really like the Hijazi Dialect. I hope to be fluent in a few months inshaAllah. I would love to have friends when I get there already! Especially someone I can speak to in Arabic!

Wa alaykuma salaam Jehan;

I also am an American Muslim planning to move to Saudi Arabia with my husband and 2 children. However, I won't be able to move until I receive a job offer in Saudia Arabia. Do you know of any universities who are hiring for English teaching positions? InshaaAllah we meet soon. :)

Help anyone!

Please, help me find recruiters for english teaching positions. Thank you!!!


I am sorry I do not have  information or Job leads. I plan on looking for work after I get there and get acclaimated inshaAllah.

Jehan, good luck with learning arabic. I also live in jeddah with my husband and baby. You'll love it in sha allah.

I'll help you inshallah with everything you need <3
Just send me messages and will be friends

Shukran! Very nice to meet. Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is Manahil born and raised in Saudi Arabia i'm 21 years old and i study in United States
I like to meet Foreigners in Saudi Arabia
I teach them culture & traditional food that my mom made . Also Foreigners can practice their Arabic with me . Also if you need some places for entertainment i can help you

That's so sweet! I would really like that. I have gotten the impression that life in Saudi can be lonely for an ex-pat, so I would like to learn about how we can make our stay there better.
I have so many questions!

Sure i will give you all the answers
If you would like to know


I'm a foreigner (Singaporean) in Jeddah as well, mum of a 3yrs old girl. Would love to get connected with other woman. Want to learn Arabic, and not getting much chances so far.. :)

Jeddah is an incredible place I love scuba diving there.

salam 3alaykum sister.
my name is zena and i am from Australia now living in Saudia Arabia. I moved with my family so we can upgrade our knowledge inshallah when you come we can meet eachother and get to know one another i am 19 years old and i have memorized 9 juzz quran and my brother too and my sisters are still learning inshallah if you move near me we can go to ta7feez classes together near my house . one of the sisters i know aos holds ta7feez classes at the mosque near her house so we can attend together if you like inshallah we get to meet oneanother.

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