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New in Jubail - what is there to see here ? would like to meet people

Hi everyone,

My name is Dimitri
I am new in Saudi Arabia Jubail. Came here for my job. What is here to see/to do?
I would love to meet people/ see new places,... 


Welcome, enjoy your stay.

Eastern province had good beaches and Bahrain.

I am also coming to Jubail. from India, see U. Any update about the location

hi there my friend,my name is marlon where are u exactly in Jubail?i am at the Industrial City. There is nothing so much in Jubail thou but quite nice beaches.

Hi I am Koushik ,
can I traveled with movie CD or in flash drive. I will come on 14th Nov'2015.
Give me some info available house at Jubail. Family accommodation etc.

yes u can bring them but be sure there's no x rated movies or clips in it so they will not confiscate them, when i came here i deleted everything in my mem cards and usb to stay away from hassles in the immigration. I dont know of a place where u can rent here.

Am I the only one who misread the thread title as hollow?

TheLegendLeads :

Am I the only one who misread the thread title as hollow?

its hellow :D

Everything is hollow :)

Mariem88 :

Everything is hollow :)

you're not  :kiss:

hamudi :
Mariem88 :

Everything is hollow :)

you're not  :kiss:

You must be a "thing", I'm not ;)

Mariem88 :
hamudi :
Mariem88 :

Everything is hollow :)

you're not  :kiss:

You must be a "thing", I'm not ;)

Hence why I said, you're not... :heart:

Mariem88 :

You must be a "thing", I'm not ;)

Everyone of us must at least be a *thing* somehow. If someone says (she) isn't, I'd definitely ask:"So, you aren't a thing even?" ... j/k

Dimi and all .... take your exit re-entry visa and lets go to Bahrain and have party ....

Jubail has good beaches...the greenest desert n the world.

What are directions to the greenest desert and the good beaches please?

Amazing, trees, parks, birds singing, water, water everywhere. Didn't expect that when I came here at all. Beaches, easy to find. Just carry on until you reach the sea, and there they are :)

Go huwaylat district.visit al nakheel beach and bachelor beach...use the Google map

Please, where are the 'Amazing, trees, parks, birds singing, water, water everywhere'.
I should be arriving Jubail about mid-April. Does anyone know if there is a running club called the Hash House Harriers in Jubail?

Best regards,

Well if it is just Bahrain its usually a 'no -brainer', take your car and drive off. What you do in Bahrain, you may want it to stay in Bahrain :)
If you really intend to mingle with people interested in outdoor join the various sites - Internations, couchsurfing, Hash runners, Toastmasters etc. Each is for a specific taste that you may or may not like. There are even HoG and Jeep clubs if that's your thing.
Plentiful to do (including parties), provided you develop the right contacts ;)
All the best!

Hello From Jubail , Hows jubail treating you

@Raad84 > to whom are you addressing your message? You might start a new thread with an introduction on the Jubail forum. Thank you.

Hey there nigelgodfrey, any luck finding the Jubail HHH?

Been here in Jubail for 6 years...

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