Seeking Afrikaans teacher

Hi there,

I've been thinking about learning the language for some time now. Held off from doing anything about it for a while because I thought it might be a passing interest. It wasn't, obviously, so if you or anyone you know praat die taal and are interested in teaching it do contact me.


Hi Guido

Herman and I are planning to emigrate to Argentina, so we are still in South Africa at the moment. Although I am not a qualified teacher, I have an affinity with languages, having grown up speaking both Afrikaans and English in the house and at school. So, if you feel like it, we can maybe recommend some reading material, vocabulary and practice via the web, even if it is just to start somewhere. A good thing would also be to listen so Afrikaans on the radio(internet) and watch Afrikaans movies and, best of all listen to the music.

Vriendelike groete uit Suid Afrika


Goeie dag Guido,

Like Lorraine, I am willing to help you on-line, but you might have difficulty with the correct pronunciation if you cannot also hear the language. My son and I are planning to re-patriate - not yet certain where - and South America are being considered. However, this will only happen 2017 as we still have obligations keeping us here till then.

Let me know if you are interested.

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