Looking for friends in Shenzen

Hi, my name is Sveta.
I am korean, who was raised in Russia and came to Shenzhen. I want to find friends and interesting people here for hanging out and have fun times.

Hi there looking for interesting friends

Hi Sveta,

I am German living in SZ since 6 years. Add my wechat: xxx . See you!


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Hi Sveta,
What area are you living in Shenzhen? I am in Shekou if you are ever over this way. I'd be delighted to meet up with you.

Hope it is not later to see you message here.
I'd like to meet up with you and make friend with you.

Thank you.

Hi Frances! Unfortunately i am not in shenzhen anymore, i am in south korea 😋. If you are going here someday write me 😌

            we can be friends today is weekend lets meet up and have good time

Hi,I am working in Shenzhen now.I would to hang out and have fun time with you.Do you have a Wechat number?Maybe you can chat on the Wechat firstly.Here is my Wechat:xxx .Please feel free to join me.

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