Regarding New Zealand PR with 140 Points

Yes i do agree with midhun. But as per my knowledge with my case primary applicant needs an overall score of 6.5.

Hi Manisha,

I do agree with Shabana and Midhunov.

I would like to ask you 1question  before i can confirm few things regarding this.

1. You said you are primary applicant. while filling EOI, did you mention that you have ielts with score of 6 in EOI?

If you could answer this, I can give you more explanation regarding the same.


Hi Koneru,

When I filed my EOI at that time I didn't appeared for IELTS.
I only applied with the disclaimer that if medium of instruction is English then you don't need to give IELTS.
I just went for IELTS 2 weeks back and I got the score of 6. When I sent my application to London Branch I sent with the details of my Husband score with IELTS 6.5 as it's mentioned in Points calculator if partner has required score for English language ability.

When I got my result I got result of ITELS 6 over all.
That is the whole scenario.

As per Points calculator I believe we are fine. As one of them need to have 6.5 score.
Lets see what Case Officer replies after assessing our application.

If any body else is with same scenario then please do provide your inputs for feedback from Case Officer.


Hi Manisha,

Now i understood. Its better not to send your IELTS score to london. If you have sent the proof that your medium of studies and previous experience is English, its enough.

You are primary applicant and your husband is co-applicant. it doesn't mean that who ever got IELTS score of 6.5 wont become a primary applicant.

one of my friend is in same situation as yours. She is primary applicant and her husband is co-applicant. she have IELTS score of 6.5 and her hubby have around 5.5, she got declined the PR in Jan as her husband doesn't meet english language criteria.

Note: Don't send any extra information other than mentioned in EOI to Case officer until they asked, NZ immigration is tough now a days regarding this in scrutinizing applications.


Yes. You are right. Also after submitting your EOI you cant really switch the primary applicant to secondary. Main thing and which is very important in any immigration is try not to change what you have declared once. This is my personal opinion after seeing some other cases which didnt end up well. In your case what they may ask is to go for the ilets. As koneru said dont sent ur 6 overall score now.

Hi Experts,

Thanks for the inputs. He has asked me to go for IELTS and I have got the time till next month to give IELTS and get 6.5 to get my residency visa approved.Till than my application is on hold.

Lets hope for the best and I will try to give IELTS and get 6.5

I hope we get through. i am not able to understand why they have put this point for partner as these are very confusing statements


All the best Manisha.

I am happy to inform that my Residency has been approved today. Thanks a lot to expat and thanks for  guidance and support from all you guys.


Hi All,

I have done qualification assessment and receive below results.

Assessment Outcome : A qulification at Level 7 (120 credits)
Explanation : Your Bachelor of Science from University of Greenwich UK has been comparable to a qualification at Level 7 (120 credit).
This is an unspecified outcome. This means your qualification is substantially different any New Zealand Qualification as this level, in terms of both structure and content.

I Have done final year top-up-degree and I have over 10 year IT experience.

can I claim for qualification Level 7 (50) points ?
In this situation can I have LTSSL bonus poins..? 

you advise and success stories are welcome..

You can claim both for the NZQA and LTSSL bonus points. Best of luck. The explanation which you had provided is not understandable though .. :)

This is my first time in this forum and my first post also. Thanks for accepting me here :)
I am very surprised  and relieved to read that with less than 140 points and no job offer some applicants still got SMC resident visa !!!! So it means I can keep hope!!!!
My husband is the primary applicant and had 145 points at the time he got ITA but lost 10 points for age at the time of lodgement :( ..leaving him with 135 points now. ...
Please tell me we still have chances to be granted visa even without job offer....
CO assessing our case since 2 weeks now

Thanks in advance !!!!

Since u got ur ITA....its upto the co decision.  Have u claimed for partner points. U can give 20 points to ur partner if u have a qualification assessment from nzqa and if u meet english languafe proficiency as required.
In case if ur co insist about 140 u can ask partner points 🤔

On the other hand can try for a job too.

Thanks for your reply. Yes the points already include partner 20 points so there is no way to add some points to the 135. Even experience points we already are at maximum so we can only count on CO then....
It s only a question of turning older 2 months too soon and also because NZQA took ages to assess my hubby s qualification which we learnt we had to get assessed only when receiving the ITA because he claimed 15 bonus points for LTSSL. More than 3 months to get assessment...
Being in the hands of a kind and comprehensive CO gives us hope though.
And yes we still can try to find a job but that adds so much pressure....
I keep my fingers crossed. Don t want to be put back in the EOI pool....

I wonder how long does it take to get a reply after submitting the EOI?
I have 100 points, any chances?

Hi Badr_Red_Z,

Unfortunately if you have only 100 points with no job offer you will not be selected.
And it's even worse now, the threshold for being automatically selected is increased from 140 to 160 from October 12 2016 onward...

I have done BCA from Bharathiar university and MCA(Regular)from Anna university !
Will I get NZQA level9?
I would appreciate if anyone can assist!

Hi Veda,

Yes you get level 9 equivalent for MCA degree.


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