I feel Hopeless waiting for resident visa

Hello :)  .. How is it going with your RP?
have u received the decision????

Now the Mv are dealing februari and march application.

Hi Lily, March and April what year? that MV is checking right now?

March dear

Sorry March 2015

The latest information is that you will wait around 18 months. If you applied June 2015 it would have taken a few months, but after that the system collapsed. I have been waiting since August 2015 for my wife to join me, and it probably won't be until the end of this year (or later), so until then the kids are with me and missing her. There are no exceptions even if it destroys lives. Did I mention that my wife and I were married here in Stockholm and she has a Swedish ID? Hehe work that one out!

It must be tough for you and the kids without your wife.If i may ask when did you guys appy? Have you been to the interview?

We applied August 2015.
She had the interview in April (last month).

That's good now is just waiting for decision.According to the mv decision time is 14-17 and 18,21 for some it's even more.We don't know what to except from them.But what i know and see alot of People are getting decision 13.5 and 14.5months.

Pontolaeng,i wish you good luck and a Quick decision

Hej everyone my interview is finally done and by today my papers will be at Bangkok... I am so happy that we are now on the level 2 of our application. I told my boyfriend that the "real waiting game begins" lol. The interview went really well. Me and the interviewer was just laughing and giggling the whole time. We are hoping that we can get a decision before summer coz there will be a lot of holidays by then. But if not it's alright. We know the waiting time. :)

Ohhj for Filipinos here in the Philippines did you know that by August 2016 there will be a Swedish Emabassy again here in the PH it eill be at The Fort Bonifacio. Maybe by then we don't have to go to Bangkok for a biometrics... Again Goodluck to all of us! :)

hej everyone!

i'm reading through posts here and feeling both hopeful and bracing myself at the same time, for my own case.

best of luck to everyone's applications.

You cannot apply tourist visa if you have applied residence permit if you don't want to go back from the beginning.

Hello everyone, it is so disappointing to see that your life depends on some procedures. I will start my application this month. I am from Albania  and got married on July 2016 in Sweden . My husband has a Swedish passport and I am going to apply for a residence permit this month but we haven’t lived together and that is a downside for us. The system calculates 14-16 months. Disappointing! Since I am free to live there 3 months without a visa, I am thinking if I can request to prolong my stay and get a visitor’s permit there. Does anyone have experience with this method? All the best! R

The frustrations, the long waiting and depression is finally over... I've been granted a visa. :)
Interview Mail: 2016-3-21
Interview: 2016-5-24
Place: Manila, Philippines
Decision: 2016-10-1
Unit: Örebro
Total waiting: 12months and 3 weeks
*not married, no kids, 1 year and 10months in a relationship. No more added documents.

I'm coming home to min älskling 💜💜💜

Finally! Congratulations to you and welcome to Sweden. My sister is also waiting for her residence permit. She had her interview last August.

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still waiting jenatan?

Yes. I'm still waiting. 11months now. It sucks.

today 10 months since my application was submitted ...hope to get a decision after you ,,,,let keep waiting

hi!be patient I also experience that before.I wait my visa for 14months and now we are here in Sweden for 3 months so just wait yours it will come.Good luck

yham ...thanks .i applied for visit visa before and it was denied 2 times for such reasons ,,,,you will not come back to your origin country ...and now i dont know whaqt will happen ,,,,really ...

Hallå misspatience2! you have any update with your app?..did you received your decision already?


Not yet dear 16th December 2016 will be already one year since I applied I think my decision is coming either January or February (13,5to 14,5 months )
So I am on my 12th month 🤗

I guess it will be anytime this month til January that you can have your decision. Almost there just hang on and continue to pray. I did apply for schengen visa in Cebu also vfs global last June 2016 and 2 days after I received my visa for 3 months to Sverige. Just recently I get back home and apply for RP online.

I got a case officer !!is that means I will get a decision soon ???can some one tell me ?cause they gave me name and number of my case officer but still they told me the decision can come in two weeks or in 3months 😟 I couldn't call her it's was late for that

sounds good!after that you have interview in swedish embassy in Manila and then you need to go to Bangkok for biometric.after 2weeks the ut Card will be in Manila Office which you need to get or IF you want They can send it by LBC.

@katy1980 hallo 😊 I've tried to send you back but said that you're not accepting private message 😁

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