Job Offer in Abu Dhabi

Hi All

We are a family of 3 (myself, my wife and 1 child).

I have received an initial job offer with following remuneration:

1. Basic Salary of AED 22,000 per month
2. Meal and Travel Allowance of AED 1,900 per month
3. Company will provide a fully furnished 2 Bedroom Accommodation and will pay for water and electricity charges
4. 3 month probation period extendable upto 6 months
5. A two years limited employment contract and after that it becomes unlimited
6. Medical Insurance for me, my wife and child
7. Annual return ticket for all of us
8. 90% schooling assistance maximum for 1 child with a cap of 40,000 AED per year
9. 22 paid leaves per year

My specific questions are as under:
1. What is the typical norm for probation period in Abu Dhabi?
2. What is the norm for number of days of paid annual leave in Abu Dhabi?
3. Is it normal to receive a 2 year limited employment contract and what does that mean?
4. What is the normal range of expense for a good international school?
5. Is the schooling allowance usually limited to maximum 1 child?
6. How much would it cost to rent a family type car per month?

I would really appreciate if some of you could please provide me with your inputs and share any experience that you may have had with respect to the above.

Thanks a lot in advance

2 year limited is normal, what is the job?

The job is for a business development director for a hotel company

It's an acceptable offer. Everything mentioned in your quote is as per norms of the labor law of this country. About your perks like school fee and all, it depends on the policies of the company. I suggest you to accept this offer.

take it

so, how did it go ?... is it what you expected?  can you save monthly ?

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