Looking for English-speaking doctors in the B.A. area

Hello, Does anyone know a good dentist and a pediatrician in B.A. area to recommend who is FLUENT in English?

I faced the situation when the doctors say "oh YEAH, I speak English!" (they just forgot to mention "with a dictionary" :), and we both have hard time - they with their poor English, and me with my poor Spanish.

Please help!

Thank YOU.

Hi Beautiful-stranger :), Welcome to

I just want to inform you that I have moved your discussion to Bueno Aires forum so that members from this area can help you to find a doctor who can interact with you fluently.

I hope this "communication problem" will be solved soon ;).


I would first ask if you are living here and insured?
We used Omint insurance when we moved here and all we did was ask the doctors on the list that they give you, if they speak English, they always did. And they made house calls.

Hello there are many doctores who speak english in Buenos Aires
I can help you.

DRA. Valeria Cappelletti:  Cespedes 2410, Dept. 2-B, 4786-1457

DR. Marcelo Andrade: Julian Alvarez 1351, Dept. 1 "8", 4831-9826

DR. Hernan Medrano: Lavalle 1735, Dept. 1-B, 4371-9921 (Asistente Srta. Belen)

DRA. Maria Veronica Gioahra: Scalabrini Ortiz 2922, Dept. PB-A, 4805-2413

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