Yellow fever vaccine

Hi expat members, I kindly need some advise about my travel requirements to Uganda. The last time I travelled to Uganda I had a Ugandan passport things were so easy, now I am a dual citizen am being told I should have a  visa upon arrival and yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. Please note I am not careless with my health but the vaccine costs around 200 dollars minus doctors visit. Is it possible to be vaccinated at the airport on arrival? Thank you in advance for the replies. :)

There is a health clinic at the Entebbe airport but I don't know if they allow you to get the shot after you have arrived. We recently took a trip to Thailand from Uganda and they wouldn't let us leave Uganda until we could show them our shot records. We did not have them with us so we had to get shots at the airport just before our plane departed.

Thank you for your reply Phomey 1, i ended up taking  the shot at a cheaper clinic.

Yyou have to take the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before you travel for the immune system to have enough time to make antibodies.

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