table tennis in Yanbu

where is the place were we can play table tennis here in yanbu , rcy or ballad
any comment will be appreciated. or  badminton court also
we have cars if you will invite us for a play we can go for it

Hi from Yanbu RC ...well ab ur question ...u can find a lota places where they play tennis table ...i have one at home but broken....anyway ...swimming pools always have tennis tables the one in Al sameri ( neighbourhood )....

Just contact  me via skype ***********  or whatsap  ************ ..and ill show u where

Why don't u guys play squash?

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thanks xAzizz

when you say a lot of place can u gave one?

even in delta marketing they don't offer table tennis but they have table tennis table their.
i think they don't offer it for for play. i'm referring to radwa delta marketing. only basketball soccer and tennis.

thanks so much my brother xazizz

sir, there are available badminton courts but the location is in Jeddah, Dr. Fakieh Solaiman Hospital (Olympia badminton courts). I play there every other week (fridays, 12pm-3pm). there is a membership fee of 300SR for 6 months and you can also join other badminton clubs where majority of the players are filipinos.

table tennis can be played at any recreation centers in royal commission. al suwaidi accommodation camp also

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