New to Shanghai, looking to meet people!

hi all! my name is Aktina and I moved to Shanghai a few weeks ago. I am originally from Greece and have been living in Toronto and New York for many years before coming here. I work in the performing arts field, and I enjoy travels, movies, music and performance as well as meeting new people! I live in Xuhui. Please message me if you'd like to hang out, go see a show together, or if you know of any expat activities that you'd recommend. All the best! Aktina

Welcome Aktina !!! Trailing spouse of a laoshi here with nothing but time...

thats great! welcome to shanghai ! heres  ***
im gonna meet some friends tomorrow, might as well introduce u to a new circle

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Have you tried the pub crawl in shanghai?

Will be trying it this Saturday.



Hi everyone, I am in Shanghai on business for the month, I would really like to meet some people to grab a drink with or go see a show. I am from Houston Texas, Really looking forward to meeting people, I don't speak any Mandarin so thing have been tough the last week. Any ideas of a good place to go to meet people, I'm like Aktina, I just want to make some friends.

hi,people, nice to meet you here, just find this site, it is good to know people all expat. There are some sites for adding your searching suggested: for groups who organize to meet people, for all clubs & entertainment in town, has good forum, many job-offer and the answer&questions also good to find your interested group of people

I'm new to Shanghai, a trailing spouse and I'm also looking to meet people. I'm in my late 30's, no children, living in Pudong in Lujuizui, but I'm often in Puxi during the day. Would love to meet others for coffee, lunch, drinks, running buddies, etc!

I live in Pudong (near Lujiazui) but office is in Puxi. My work schedule is very flexible. I play badminton and go for lunch+Pools/Foosball with foreigner friends in Puxi. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. We can organize similar events in Pudong as well.


Welcome to Shanghai. I'm also love to meet new friend and flexible with time after work. Would love to catch up with you a coffee or dinner together:)

Hi people,  i´m new in Shanghai my wechat is jaraigo feel free to contact me and hang around :)

Hi there. Planning to come for a short visit soon.

Hi everyone i am in a similar situation as Aktina, i have just moved here but had a quiry how it works with regards to your pension as British Expat. Any information with regards to that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Ryan

u can go to YongKang Road,a great bar street and also an expat gathering zone,to see people around,good luck ;)

I can introduce you to the Latin dance parties in SH.

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Cool I never been Pub is there any special ? .

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