Advice on finding work opportunities/ Internship in Mozambique/ Africa

Hey guys

I am a graduate engineer with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a BEng in Automotive engineering, both from UK based universities. In the 3 years since i finished studying, I haven't been able to find any internship/ job opportunities related to what I studied and have been doing various jobs that offer no promotion opportunities, a challenge or career progression.

I have decided to apply for jobs in Africa, where my qualifications would be taken into greater consideration as compared to Europe, plus there is a chance to practice and further my engineering skills to help me advance my career.

What advice would you give to me ? What is the best way of obtaining an opportunity ?

Believe me, I have tried applying for jobs and internships via websites, even emailing companies direct requesting an internship. I've even gone as far as going to an embassy to seek some advice but to no avail. I'm fluent in English and have some understanding of Portuguese and do have some engineering work experience under my belt. i also keep myself active doing various projects and short courses.   

I know this question has been asked time and time again and I keep hearing the "don't give up, keep applying" advice but I've been doing it for three years and nothing has come out of it. Also, I know people keep using  the "I'm a hard worker, fast learner" rhetoric in their statements, but my experience has made me into a potential employee that has completed and can handle more than what a lot of people have gone through, engineering and otherwise.

This isn't me being boastful or prideful, this is me just asking for a chance to prove himself and to make a career out of engineering.

Anything advice will help

Thanks guys


The best advice I can offer is to apply with the large multi nationals.  They normally have many varying engineering internship programmes based in Africa.  Try Total Oil n Gas as an example

Hi, just go to google and type: Mozambique Jobs, a site with jobs in mozambiuque will display most of these sites are south africa, and some of them end with

HI Emmanuel,
We need a mechanic, but it is very difficult to get a visa these days for any ex-pat. Also, I hear they have just passed a law making it illegal to pay workers in any currency beside Mozambican Metecais. 
If you are interested in working for an NGO and low salary in return for getting some experience over here, let me know.
Here is my email:  Lboyd[at]
Our web page is
Lynn Boyd

Mr. Emmanuel
Hopefully you would be fine.
In my opinion you should not focus only on
Mozambiq . You can also try your luck in Tanzania
And in Kenya as well.
I hope you would get good job with nice salary in Tanzania
In Mozambiq you might not feel easy if you don't know Portuguese well.
In Tanzania the main language is English and many companies are in business and many projects continue right now. You can try there
And if you need further information about Tanzania. You can let me know.
Best of luck.


Thanks for the reply. I have been trying Tanzania for a while as well. The points you did mention are true and it would be for myself to find a job there.

Tanzania is a proud country and the people don't take too kindly on foreigners coming in to work.  My uncle had a successful bakery there but in late 2014/ early 2015, xenophobia reached its peak at that time and his business declined. In fact, he was even chased out and his business was taken by the local people.

What surprised me is that he speaks both English and Swahili fluently and he's even half Tanzanian ( by my grandmother) and is from the neighboring country (Uganda), yet he still wasn't accepted. My cousins are there but they're struggling to find work and are just there for their spouses.

My other uncles were there in the 80's and 90's and were successful, but things hadn't worked out for them and now they have returned to Uganda.

This doesn't stop me as such, but rather makes me more skeptical. I am also trying other african countries as well.

Hi Emmanuel.

Thank you for your courage to mention the truth about where you got your qualifications. I also graduated in UK, England LSBU in 2007. I tried to apply for a position in Forensic science, even in the Police Force with my BSc Forensic science degree.


What I am left with is to pay the student loan for the next 40 years.

From the information that you have given us, it seems to me you are a big man with big ideas. In Africa, have you ever tried Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola (irrespective of language barrier) and South Africa?

Don't look at conditions, circumstances language this and that or people's negative attitude. Wherever you go you will always meet people with negative attitude, remember not all people likes you.

If people walk away from you let them walk, if someone gives you a cold shoulder next time do not disturb them again give them the chance to be by themselves. Therefore my bit of advice to you is, stop wasting your time weighing what people think about you, life is short and time is precious, instead of wasting your energy measuring the negative attitude of people around you why not use that precious time to concentrate on your goals.

Don't listen again to people's opinions about you or people in another country, your decision is your personal agenda, therefore be focused you are a big man with a big brain, engineering is not for the week but for the brave.

Without any shred of doubt I strongly believe that you can get something in one of those three countries, despite the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Also there is 98% possibility that once you get a job in that field, you will definitely become an investor in minerals in that part of the world.

It is easy to invest n Mozambique once you get a big job like your job in engineering.

Also, there are many opportunities in Australia especially in mining fields. If you are under 50 years with your qualifications automatically you can qualify to immigrate to Australia and start your career in Australia.

Currently it seems you are in a desert where there is no help including water, my advice to you is,don;t give up keep on digging you will get the well with running water., not stagnant water, but running water,, things will be alright with you in near future.

I spent 16 years living in England UK, I used to work day and night, I used to spent hours looking for organisations that can assist me with practical experience in Forensic science and Book-keeping, unfortunately nothing materialized Emmanuel!!!!

Take a step of FAITH and submit an application in different countries, in the middle east, Asia, Africa, Europe, America, keep on trying you will definitely get there I do not have any doubt mate. I have been there, I have been through that pathway, I know people laughing at me! but I kept on fighting till I managed to get permission to immigrate to Australia.

England is a beautiful country especially in NURSING field working for Nursing employment agencies but not Engineering!

Stay blessed young man, I reiterate, you will get the job of your dream if you are determined to achieve your dream!


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