Marrying a Slovak / work permit?

Hi everyone!!  :)

I am a Mexican citizen living in the Netherlands. I am engaged to a Slovak man and we are getting married early 2016. I was wondering, will I be able to work in Slovakia straight away after marriage?

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Hi.. just to share my experienced with you.. my husband is a Slovak too. Yes.. after getting married, you can proceed to the immigration office to apply your PR stay and he authority will grant you a 5 years of PR also a working permit.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Actually I have the same case like you. But I didnt know about this PR step,  I just went to the foreign police to apply and after 5 days I have got my 5 years resedential visa and got my Slovak ID which contains that I am a foreigner and I'm eligible to work in Slovakia. So is this Immigration office step is a must or its just an extra step?

Kindly advise.

Adam Khaled

H Maria,
As far as I did, yes you can.
All you need to do when you come to Slovakia for your residence,  go to the foreign police to register and get your 5 years residential visa but "let your husband ask first for the required papers for residential visa wether in Slovak embassy in Netherlands or in the foreign police office in Slovakia"

Then after investigating about both of you, if it's approved you will get your ID Slovak Card, take it and go to the labor office to register there "only to allow them to pay you the insurance until you find a job"

@Fookning also added that there is extra step with the PR office but frankly I didn't pass by this and I don't know about, but I'm waiting for her feedback for further info.

Good Luck Maria and have a nice day :)

Adam Khaled

Hi Adam,
Just for your info, the application for Permanent Residence for an "unlimited period" of time only eligible for those who are residing in Slovakia for more than 5 years. Perhaps, you can apply for this unlimited period of stay after 4 years residing in Slovakia before your current 5 years residential visa expire. Of course, T&C apply.

Ahh, clear enough, now we're on the same page :)
Thanks alot dear for the clarification.
Have a nice day.

thank you, this helped a lot!

Hi everyone,

I will be coming to live in Slovakia by the end of the year to work and would like to know any info that's important to know concerning the Residency and work permit. I know that once I arrive I have to get a residency and work permit from 2 different places. Can someone help me clarify which I should go to first, and what is needed?

Thank you very much!

Hi Rana

The work permit comes together with resident permit.

Thanks very much for replying. :)
So, I just go to the foreign police to apply for both?

Yes.  They will issue the card and state that you are allow to stay and work for  certain period of time.

Hey Rana ,
What type of work permit you are going to apply for?
Are you married to a Slovak citizen?
Do you speak Slovak?

No, not married to a Slovak nor do I speak the language. I'm going to be working in a the financial department in a tech co.
Is there many types of work permits? I wasn't really aware. Any clarification is clearly appreciate it. Thanks :)

I moved to Canada 4 years ago , and I may not be familiar with the work permit visas.
However you shouldn't worry about it, as your employer will take care of it for you.
Mostly permits are for 2 years with the possibility to renew.

Hi, from what i known is based on your working contract.

hi i just received my slovak Permanent residence for 5 years as i moved here  with my slovak wife and baby last december ,but did anyone have to go as well for amedical exam for health diseases against the public health and pay a lot for it ?

to be honest the whole process was a bit of strange and have taken 3 months even we have been married 10 years ....maybe the whole thing including the application form need an update...

Have you gotten temporary residence of SLovakia ?

if so, you will be able to work there.


hi, No, after your marry you must wait for PR, here to find work without ID is really hardly. So after marry apply PR to  Immigration office and then it take 2/3 months Max.  when you have your hand PR then you can try work , as i live here and marry slovak girl , thats why i know well .

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