i have been volunteer for " children's house district 8" is a project which houses 22 disadvantaged boys.
if you care,  you contact with us. we really need English teacher for them. *

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Hello Nguyen Thanh Long

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oh, i'm so sorry

I'm very interested in. If you need a teaching assistant( I'm 22, Vietnames girls.I love kids but my English is not good now, so i just want to be assistant for them), let me know. I would like to join with children' house.


thanks Trang
nhưng bạn ở Hà nội mà, mái ấm quận 8 ở Tp HCM trang ơi @@

Hello Nguyen Thanh Long,

Nguyen Thanh Long :

thanks Trang
nhưng bạn ở Hà nội mà, mái ấm quận 8 ở Tp HCM trang ơi @@

In english please on this anglophone forum so as all members can understand you  :)

Best of luck,

Hi! I'm interested in volunteering at a school. I am a teacher and have taught English to kids for quite some time. Would be happy to lend a helping hand.

Thanks, i have passed this message to my friends they will contact you. All the best!!!

Hi, do you need someone for January? I will be in Saigon and I'm looking for a place were I can volunteer and help children. I can be for sure 1 month volunteering, and maybe I can stay for two, but I won't know that until the end of january.

Hi Martaboix79
I was volunteer in " children's house district 8". i teaching about math, chemical and physic that from 6 class to 9 class on morning Thursday. they need learning English, but i can't because my english is not good. Therefore, i hope you can help them
can you teach about an 2 hours per week?
my phone: ***
thanks for you care!
see you soon

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Hello, I think I can do it. I call you when I'm Saigon, the1st or 2nd of January and we can meet for a coffe and organice it. Thanks for your quick answer 😊

Hi dear

noticed that this message was a year ago, hope you can still view my reply.

currently i'm based in Ho Chin Minh City, before i was university teacher holding a linguistics master degree. i love kids and really want to do something for those lovely angles.

Please let me know if you still short of hands. I'd love to help.

p.s. I lived in District 3.

thanks& regards,

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