New in Doha - Would like to meet friends and explore everywhere!

Here is Claudia, quiet new in Doha too...I can say that I am still a baby comparing with the veterans :)
I didn't do or see to much but I will love to explore everything and make new friends.
If is there anything that I can help or share please let me know.
In the mean time I wish all of you a pleasant stay and lots of nice memories.

Hello Claudia :)

Welcome on board :top:

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Best Regards

nice meeting you

Am visiting Doha this weekend if you would like to meet for coffee or something let me know. Am British guy who is working in saudi but looking to visit Doha this weekend.

welcome to Doha

Good day Claudia. I visit Qatar once a month for ten days. I know it could be frustrating there alone. So it would be good if we meet up.

Welcome Claudia
Will be so happy


If you are interested to explore Doha, you are welcome to inbox me


thanks & regards,

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hii Claudia I am Saurabh. Even I recently moved to Doha 2 days back infact. Finding the same situation as u. we can be in touch if u like. u can message me if u r ok with that.

Hello Claudia and welcome to Doha
If you need somewhere to live then I have some availability in my apartment which I share with Spanish, British, Singaporean and Ecuadorian guys. Although it sounds busy, most people are away a lot so it is always quiet!

hello , nice to meet everyone here

I'LL also be popping there soon. Would like to know more about the environment too.

Welcome indeed. Am here n ready to meet. Meeting new people,am with you there.

When free just say esp if u around Doha.


I am also new here came from Australia last week..seems everyone interested to make friend...but can someone organize something (cafe, park,..) so we can meet up??? I am happy to do it but don't know the area that much at this stage...

In Doha for a week, any meetup happening? will be happy to join.

Hey claudia are you still in doha

Posted in 2015...still plenty of trollers...! :lol:

LOL. its a usual sight here.

Hi how r u
I am new in doha i would like to make frind

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