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I am a 41 year old man currently residing In Colchester, Essex UK with my family ( Partner and 2 step children 8/16)

My partner lived in Orihuela for 10 years with her ex husband, moving back to the UK in 2008 following the marriage breakdown. They purchased a new build property from the money they accumulated from the sale of their 3 bed property in Essex.

Since I have been with my partner she has always spoken of how she absolutely loved living in Orihuela and how much she missed the Spanish lifestyle and friends. Her son is in total agreement as he has many fond memories of his time there. My 8 year old Step daughter was born there so technically she is a Spanish citizen with a Spanish birth certificate.

I myself have been to Spain a few times but only on holiday but I have always been very attracted to the Spanish way-of-life.

We have been living in Colchester for almost 2 years after moving here from Thurrock, Essex and have kinda hit a wall as to where we go from here as we absolutely hate living in Essex altogether!

We are due to come into a "substantial" amount of money at the end of October 2015. We have recently been toying with the idea of moving to Pembrokeshire, Wales but although it is a beautiful place and a little cheaper to buy were not too sure that this would be the best move for us.
I recently raised the question to my partner of moving to Spain which at first she was a little apprehensive, but it didn't take long for her to dive straight back into "Spanish" mode and suddenly she is full of life and enthusiasm at the thought of returning to the area she knows as am I!! It has now become our priority move and I am practising speaking Spanish as we speak and I must say I'm not doing too bad at it, well my partners impressed anyway!!!

The advice I'm looking for is from anyone currently living there in or around the areas of Murcia, Orihuela etc, or from anyone who has lived there and returned to the UK and why? Just total honesty as I am incredibly nervous although excited at the prospect of starting a new life with my family in Spain.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Sorry, I forgot to explain what exactly I need advice with!!!

Basically is it worth the risk of up heaving my family from our "normal" English life for the Spanish lifestyle?

I am currently unemployed after being made redundant almost 4 months ago. We live in a rented property which we rent from a large housing association, our rent is almost £700 per month and I am struggling to find employment in the line of work I do which is a mix of Heavy plant operating to Manufacturing Windows and glass cutting! I also have port work experience. With this in mind the advise I need is are there jobs in these areas in my line of work? What are the chances that I could find employment at all within the surrounding areas?

I have pretty much read all the positives of moving to the area which has sold the idea to me completely, but I really need to hear all the negatives that could potentially stop me making a huge mistake.

Please, any advice would be great.

Thank you

hiya wayne icame across this forum and read your post i am just wondering did you move to spain and how did it all go i myself would love to move to spain

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