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We are considering moving to Mauritius.We have two young ones. I have a few queries regarding primary schools in Mauritius.

1. What is the cost of primary schooling both Government and private schools in Mauritius?
2. What is better government schools or private schools?
3. Is there any specific requirement for expat children to get admission to Government School?

I look forward to see some help.



Welcome to Mauritius. Govt schools are free of cost, whereas the fees and deposit for private ones may vary between MRU 4000 and 8000 and MRU  20,000 and 40,000 respectively.  There are very good private as well as Govt schools.  Admission is regionalised in Govt schools, thus your residential address will determine which schools your kids would be admitted.  As regards requirements for admission in Govt schools, you will need to provide proof of your residential address by submitting a copy of your utility bills ( electricity, water, telephone) and a letter certifying your kids' previous school/s and classes attended in India together with their end of year results.  Same for private schools, except that they might be asked to appear in an aptitude test/entrance test.


Thank you so much! This is a great help. :)

Please could you advise if any of the government schools are taught in english?


Generally, all subjects (except for French) are taught in English.

You can ask to see if you want to have a better understanding of Teaching in Mauritius. But I need to warn you that Teachers generally use the mother tongue to teach.

If you really want to put your kid in a government school you should also think about him or her learning the mother tongue.

If you are in the north and if ever you truly want to take this option, I may be a voluntary help for you. In fact, I actually work in a Primary Govt. School and I teach the mother tongue.

Hope you find a solution. In any case, if you believe in what you are doing, you will achieve.

With regards,

Hi Pacal, thank you so much for the info. We feel so lost at the moment regarding the schooling. The private schools are just so far out of reach with regards to the pricing. My husband is being transferred over with his company and I will being giving up my job in SA so we will only have one income until I find work.

We are coming to Mauritius in September for a short while and would love to meet with you if possible. I think it would be extremely important for my children to learn the mother tongue.

Here is my email address, if you dont mind sending me an email with your contact details as I would love to have some advice from you:


Thank you again.

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