mums in Reims?

Hi all, I will be moving to Reims soon with my family. Would like to know if there are any organised playgroups or mummy meet ups in Reims that I can join? It would be great to meet some new friends.

Hi, I'm Ophelie and I live in Reims. I'm french and I have a little 5 months baby.
If I can help you to inform you about approaches or anything for family here in Reims, let me know.

Hi Ophelie,
How are you? I'm glad to hear from you. I would love to meet, chat and to find out more about living in Reims! We are still looking for a place but hopefully when we do move I will be able to explore Reims. Do you live around the centre?

Hello, I live in a little village, 10 minutes from Reims, and I work in the city centre of Reims.
When Will you move?

Hey how's it going. It's been really fresh lately!
We are looking around centre city area too, or at least within less than 30min walking distance from centre ville. We are waiting for the landlord to give us a response, but he sure is taking his time, and I don't like the feeling of it. It's so hard looking for furnished apartments too.

What's your job? Do you work now or are you on leave looking after your baby?

Hi! There is a facebook group called Les Mamans de Reims where people get together for play dates and the mums regularly organise little muum nights out to retaurants and stuff!! I have never managed to go to the mum's nights yet but have been to a coffee afternoon at one of the ladies' houses which was nice.  When are you moving?

Hey Ophelia and Louise,

We are still looking now, the one we liked didn't follow through and things have been quite busy in the last few months. I will be going to Reims ago tomorrow to check out a few. Fingers crossed there.

Thanks for sharing the info there Louise, I'll definitely be interested in going out for a coffee chat or stroll to the park or something.

Would love to meet you ladies in the future.

The weather has been so cold without much sun at all which makes going for a stroll hard and depressing.

Hey ladies,

We have finally moved,to Reims not far from the centre. Does anyone know of any second hand furniture markets/ flea market / crafts shops or fresh produce markets around Reims centre?

I've been to the library by the cathedral with my little one and it seems like it's the only indoor place I can take her to. Are there other places for toddlers to play indoor or outdoor?

Would lcve to meet up if anyone is interested.

The only one I know is Les Halles de Boulingrin which does fresh produce but I haven't been in ages so I guess you'd have to look it up...  But I think I saw a poster the other day for a book fair or something coming up soon....  Anyway, I'd be up for meeting up, pushchair outing ;)

And I have never been to the library by the cathedral - you mean Falala? I wouldbe really interested to see if I could take my little one there!

Yes it's the falala library by the cathedral. I took my 16 months old there last week for a reading session but she's too little for it I think so we just played in the small toddler reading area. I will be going again tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) around 3:30-4:00 if you are free and want to join us. Just look for an Asian English speaking lady with a toddler girl. :) How old is your little one?

Ah cool! My daughter will .be at crèche as i'm working today but will definitely try it out! M'y little one is 18months now so it might .be Nice for them too if we meet up!

the reading session is on every Wednesday afternoon starting at 3:30, and it gets really crowded.
Yeah let's try to arrange a time to meet up sometimes this weekend or next week maybe?

I'll have to check their timetable to see if there is a session I could go to with my daughter... Yes it would be nice to meet up - I have a busy weekend coming up but I'm free on Monday,  all day until 3.30.  Any good for you?

Yeah Monday sounds good. Where would you like to meet and when? I'm good for the morning'after 8ish 9. The falala library is not open on Monday though, and on other days it opens at 1:30pm.

Hi - I'm sorry, I worked over the weekend it all went so fast and I forgot to get back to you :( 

Any other windows this week?


Hi hi,
That's pretty much free most of the time since I'm not working now. So whichever time works best for you should be ok. :)

Hi, just seen this post.
I would love to meet up with some English speaking mums and bring the kids along! I have twin girls almost 8months.
Any one fancy it?


Firstly, I'm so sorry Goldcoast, I never responded to your message back in February! It was not intentional, I think things must've jst got busy!! 

I'd be up for this for sure BUT I'm 37 weeks preggers now and got my mum arriving in a few days etc so perhaps a little bit later in the year when I'm a bit more mobile and settled with the new baby....  But it would be nice to make this happen :)


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