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Hello Everybody !
Hope you all are fine,
Well I am Sana Naqvi.
I've got a job offer from a company in Dar Es Salaam at Mid Level HR Position.
Please let me know the minimum wage in HR Depart for Diverse Exp Candidate.
How much i should expect from the company if i have to save 1200$ for my family back in hometown.
Would like to know the the minimum basic pay, accommodation and transport allowance. 
Also, could you please tell me how much average monthly bachelor expense.
your earliest and kind response will be highly appreciated.

Sana Naqvi

well congrats for the offer.
On average on this level its around $1000 to $1500. But again it also depends on company if its very big and good, may offer more than 1500 or SME may offer less than 1000$.
If you are bachelor expenses will approx 300$ to  500$ if accomodation is company provided. Accomodation normally starts from $200 approx as a paying guest or in a shared flat, if you staying in main town.
you may now estimate your savings on the base of your offer.

In dar all comnies provide furnished accomodation, transport. If you get $2000, you can save as you thought of.

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Normally there is no standard of salary & accomodation  as it depend on ur emplyer like, what they are going to offer u.
2. For cost of living at dsm is higher then pk, if u are ready to stay at paying guest then it will cost u cheap & if company is offering u then that is best, however in case of no above option if u r planing to stay as tenent then it may cost u more 300 $ pm, however rates of consumer goods are higher then pk, but it is good experiance to stay at tanzania as we have a lot of expats here woking since long time of period. If ur salary is around at 1500 $ then i would suggest u to try it. & saving depend on us as how we spend.

You have to know what will be the net take home after concidering all the below
Local Allowance
Transportation / Car
Annual leave
Air Tickets

Accomodation is safest in City centre in Dar as mostly occupied with pakistani and Indian
To rent is bit expensive. Rent appartment ranges from $1500 to $2000
VAT 20% on Invoice based flat if not depends on owner.
6 months advance rent is prevailing

Local allowance you have to know as restaurants are expensive , self cook is fine provided u have all facilities so $500 local allowance is advisable at lower end

i am not aware whats is the job offer or package and location..

Hi Sana,

Here in Dar the Bachelor shared accommodation you can get in the range of $300 - $500

If your company provide you normal salary which include everything n you just have to arrange accommodation n food. So your roughly expense will be around $600-$800

Rest is your saving....


Congratulations on your job offer in Tanzania. I too am seeking work in Tanzania since 2009, when I first moved there & lived trying to figure out how to land a job for 24 months. I have an abundance of university education (a bachelors & two master's degrees {incl. an MBA}) but I had to leave Tanzania (& my Tanzanian wife & family) after not finding anything & my cash reserves were depleted. I have shared some of this when I created my profile. I am now in Germany back in University but I truly would like to get a job in Tanzania & reunite with my family there. Any hints, tips, or leads that help me to be able to do so here, will place me forever in your debt of gratitude.

Martin D.
BGS, M.A. African Studies, MBA
F. Jumanne A. Hamad

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