Nurses wages in KSA

Good day!
I recently got an offer to work in King Faisal Specialist hospital in Riyadh as an orthopaedic staff nurse with a salary of 14800 riyals per month. I am an Australian citizen with more than 17 years work experience here and abroad. The salary is  less than what I get working in australia. I would have thought salary in Saudi is higher. Please advise if it is worth accepting the offer and what is the normal wages of nurses both in ward and special unit. Many thanks!

Hi there,
Absolutely working in Australia is more profitable even after tax. Dont forget that in Saudi you wont receive super.
On the short term you would save more  because living here as somebody works then at the end of the day locking herself in where to spend money(not much of outs) but once you wanna get back to Australia you would realize that you missed  going higher in the career hirachy and lost your youth.
but on the other hand in Saudi you wont have to work that hard as in Austrslia, you dont have to worry about rent, Europe is handy(cheap tickets) and we can have you as a friend in Riyadh.(extra Australian winger in the club).
Good luck

Hi alexey73 your reply is much appreciated!  Have a good day and thank you.

totally agree with you Alexey, all the best for you guys :) .

How about overtime opportunity

Is there opportunity to work overtime, extra days, how much is the overtime rate

They never heard about over time rate.they would write on the payslip that you worked one extra shift and you get paid as usual

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