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I have been in Dalian for about a week and I am looking for some English-speaking friends.  I am working for an Engineering company doing business with steel fabricators in Dalian (and Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh CIty).  I am looking for anyone that would like to hang out, speak English, and potentially give me some tips on how to cope with being in Dalian and not speaking any Mandarin!


kenpinski hotel,start

1.Go to Dalian University of Foreign Language, find a local girl to be your girlfriend,you  dont have to speak mandarin anymore.but you have always to stay with her.
2.Go to Dalian University of Foreign Language,find a local man,he can take you to anywhere you want.
there are so many great place in this city, you just dont know

We are currently in Changtu which is approximately 2.5 hours north by train.  There looks like a good group of people who are meeting up at a local Irish bar in Dalian on the 27th-check or the events section.

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