What kind of business in South Korea can i invest?

I woudl like to visit south korea,what  business are there to invest in

Haani....what kinda business  do you wanna invest?

Real estates~ If you have enough money~ which has low risks.

Education, Diamond business, Hotel business and so on in my view
Good luck

in philippines my neighbour return from USA, for 3 years she saying i want to invest in business.  not still  uptodate. she only taste.

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hi, i m in philip, a foreigner cannot buy any property in philip,only  condo, in korea a foreigner  has right to buy property?

Yes, foreigners can buy estate.

price list of property in south korea

It's hard to make a list.
If you really want to buy  estates, visit Korea.

The price is  vary from land to land.

Perhaps a Google search ??

it's better to come Korea.

Real estate in Korea is good investment but the prices there is already to high, i was want to open restaurant, i think that will be good investment in Korea.

someone told me you need $300,000 for a business visa. That's a lot..

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