Moving soon to Arabian homes

Hi moving soon to Riyadh .... Can anyone let me know what's available on the compounds during the day?  Hoping to meet up and make friends !

Hi my wife gave birth (not to twins) at Specialized Medical Center ( in Takkasushi Street in Riyadh, the Place, Facilities and Personnel are all very good, our other option before was Saudi British Hospital along King Fahad Road (

Hi dear
Welcome you in advance that you coming to riyadh.
If you are going to live inside compound all facilities available there.
Hope to join you in chat of talking by phone.
with best regard
sohail majeed

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Hi Lynn,

I also just moved to Riyadh and thinking to get an apartment at Arabian Homes. Have you moved there? If you did how do you enjoy it?

Also if anybody else out there, living in Arabian Homes, please  give some feedback.

Thank you in advance.

I'm moving to Riyadh in just a week.
How is it there? and how do you get an apartment?

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