How much it cost to study in Norway?

hey everyone i live in morrocco and i want to study in Norway can someone tell me how much it will cost me .

thank you

Ayoub Mous :

hey everyone i live in morrocco and i want to study in Norway can someone tell me how much it will cost me .

thank you

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Norway is based on a social system, allowing studies for free due to our taxation system. Sure there are a couple private colleges, but you still need to speak and write Norwegian, and the private colleges are usually funded by the Norwegian government to some extent, meaning you have to meet certain criteria as a student, to be allowed to apply in the first place. The requirements for studying in Norway (private or public) is being a citizen, speak and write Norwegian and that you have passed exams in all the 3 years of high upper secondary school. I strongly believe this is not the country for you to study in. To be given the right to study in Norway, you would have to be recognised as a legal immigrant first, then start taking up Norwegian, and upper secondary classes first of all.

Studies even in University level is free, but that's for Norwegian citizens only, who meet the requirements to even get into a study. Also, you will have to speak/ write Norwegian. Norwegian students often have to relocate to another city, and they will need to support themselves with housing (extremely expensive), food, transport, electricity, phone, internet and other expenses. So they usually take up a student loan and very often work part time too. Student loans often get as high as several hundred thousands NOK by the end of their many years of study. So the cost lies therein.

HI! Depending on what's school. If it's public universities, it's free tuition fee, you only have to pay for registration/ school admin fees from 350-900kr. Plus of course, your budget for allowance. It's a high standard of living here in Norway.  The cheapest apartment cost for one bedroom is about 5k-10k Nok.

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