New to Bandung! What should i check out?!

Hi all,

I'm a 27yr old UK born and raised management consultant currently in Bandung on a 2 month business trip and as a solo traveller, I thought I'd ask you all for tips and recommendations of things to see and do!

Also whilst I am making locals contacts, where can I meet foreign expats?!

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to Indonesia.
One bit of advice - There are loads of British people to meet when you return to the UK, so get out and meet as many locals as you can, enjoy the food and the place.

You should visit Kawah Putih Ciwidey , beautiful view of nature , verry cold and the one and only in Indonesia . No other place in Indonesia like this place.

Kawah Putih and Ciwidey are really nice, and go to Situ Patenggang which is a beautiful lake surrounded by tea plantations and just a few kilometres from Kawah Putih. Also in Ciwidey you can find places along the roadside where they keep civets and make Kopi Luwak, coffee made from beans digested by those animals. You can find hot springs in Ciwidey and Lembang and also there is a floating market in Lembang. At night travel upwards of Dago or Setia Budhi where there are some nice restaurants and you can get great views of Bandung at night. Apart from that, there is factory outlet shopping, Heritage, Cascade, Rumah Mode, DSE and loads more where you can buy branded clothes at cheap prices.

Hi, Idk if this would help, but you can contact the international relation office of my campus (ITB), because we have some expat students from the UK. here is the email : iro[at]

hope you enjoy your stay :)

maybe you should visit "situ patenggang" in bandung, i've been there once time and i love the view, so beautiful

best advice from Fred ... totally agreed specially for tourists visiting Indonesia... Coz natives are very welcoming and friendly... Tangkuban Perahu in bandung is one of the main tourist destinations.. I think u should visit this place... There is also an Observatory for Astronomers... People do pay a visit to this as well..

I just wrote down some of those places.  I'll be sure to visit one or two while I'm in Bandung next month.  What about places where tourists don't go?  I read somewhere that Indonesia as a whole is the least touristed place on Earth.

Actually Bandung is a tourist destination, but mainly for local Indonesian tourists, Malaysians and Singaporeans. They come for the food, the cool weather, the factory outlets (Bandung is the main producer of branded clothes in Indonesia), and for it's natural beauty and outdoor sites in the mountains.

Of course there are places where the tourists don't go, such as the Geological Museum and the Antique Market. But what kind of places were you interested in finding?

I didn't any particular place in mind and I didn't even mean just Bandung.  I will visit Yogijarkarta also.  You know how some places of an area or two that is not known to tourist only the locals know, places like that. I found a place like that in Bali several miles outside Kuta I think it was.  Anything along those lines is what I was thinking.

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